Can I pass off my Moissanite Ring as a Diamond?

If you are looking for a new fancy ring, there are various options in the market. Many couples’ first choice is the good old diamond ring as it is visually more appealing and impressive. However, the price range of diamonds is exceptionally high. If you are looking for affordable options, you can look into the moissanite gemstone as well.

Moissanite rings can be passed off as a diamond due to the similarities between the two and several jewelers regard moissanite as a diamond alternative and not an imitation of it. However, only the professionals and experienced jewelers with specialized equipment can identify the difference between the two gemstones, depending on their unique features. Now, let’s take a deeper look at whether a moissanite ring can pass off as a diamond or not. 

Moissanite: a Closest Diamond Substitute

Moissanite is very similar to diamond as

  • It is almost colorless 
  • It has a similar refractive index as the diamond.

 Gemological Institute of America (GMA) regards moissanite as the closest diamond substitute. The moissanite is not fake and has its own identity as a synthetic gemstone. This implies that moissanite rings sparkle differently, with unique hardness and individual unique chemical composition than diamonds. 

  • Moissanite has much more colored sparkle than diamond. In specific ways, moissanite is not just similar to the diamond but even prettier than that.
  • It has a hardness of 9.25 
  • Chemical composition of carbon silicate

Moissanite is a beautiful gemstone, which will last forever owing to its hardness property. On the other hand, diamond has a pure carbon structure with a hardness of 10 on the hardness scale. Therefore, moissanite composition suggests it is dirt and oil-repellent better than the diamonds. Moreover, moissanite is a manufactured stone, implying that it can be carved into any desired shape or size. Natural diamonds are, however, limited to the shape and size in which the earth cultivates them. Hence, moissanite as ring offers immense flexibility. Since it is a synthetic stone, so it is also environmentally friendly and also sustainable as there is no mining required. Moreover, moissanite is one of the most sustainable and ethical special occasion preferences out there.

Comparison in terms of Grades

Moissanite first made when the technology was only advanced as to make the yellowish-green gems. This appeared to be known as the ‘classic moissanite’ and is still available in the market. However, people were looking for a good diamond alternative, so the scientists were adamant about experimenting and make colorless moissanite. Thus, in 2015 there was a breakthrough in gem sciences. Colvard and Charles introduced the almost colorless and colorless moissanite, along with the classic moissanite. 

Moissanites are not directly graded on the diamond color grades; nonetheless, the classic moissanite is comparable to the K-colored diamond. Colorless moissanite is similar to the E colored diamonds, while almost colorless moissanite is identical to the H colored diamonds. To a non-jeweler, the difference in moissanite and diamond color is not decipherable. This implies that if you are not a trained jeweler, you can’t tell the difference despite the diamond’s slight yellow tinge. Natural moissanite have a slight yellow touch too, but the possibility of acquiring a natural moissanite is exceptionally small.

Moissanite and Diamond Can’t Be Distinguished with the Naked Eye

Moissanites and diamonds cannot be distinguished from each other with the naked eye. With the advancements in technology, moissanite can be created in a way better quality. SUPERNOVA Moissanite is the most natural-looking moissanite as in sunlight that is zero fluorescence and does not show the unwanted blue color which is otherwise visible in other kinds of moissanite. These features and the stunning fire make moissanite similar to a fine quality diamond.

Can I pass off my Moissanite Ring as a Diamond


While it is not possible to distinguish between moissanite and diamond with a naked eye, however, specialized equipment and tests can help in this task. Some of the indicators can facilitate in telling the difference between moissanite and a diamond. A specialized instrument like the moissanite test, jeweler’s loupe, or JFIRE tester can inform about these aspects.

  • Weight

Moissanites are not as dense as the diamond, suggesting it weighs slightly lesser than a diamond with the same size. Thus, the karat weight of moissanite is generally categorized by its diamond counterpart karat weight. Therefore, if you weigh a moissanite and a diamond of the same size, and the weight of one is slightly lesser than the other, it could indicate that it’s a moissanite. That said, the difference in the actual weight of the two is very subtle. Moreover, the diamond can be cut deeper or shallower, so it’s hard to utilize this method of identification of moissanite.

To clarify on the subject, weight is only an indication of whether the gem is diamond or moissanite when it has not been set. After the stone setting, it is almost impossible to know the difference in the weights of the two stones.

  • Double Refraction

The best way to differentiate between diamond and moissanite is by using a loupe to observe the crown, top of the jewel at a specific angle. The two slightly fainted lines can be observed, which indicates double refraction. This is an inherent feature of the moissanite. Double refraction is easier to identify in some shapes than in others. For instance, even a professional jeweler with a loupe could find it hard to observe double refraction in the Emerald cut.

SUPERNOVA moissanite cut has been curate to reduce the double refraction effect while still maintaining the brilliance of the stone. Hence, it is extremely hard to observe.

Moissanite Testers Vs. Diamond Testers

Diamond testers are based on the principle that various gemstones conduct heat distinctively. They assess the rate of passage of heat through the gem to know whether the gemstone is a diamond or not. Moissanite and diamonds have starkly similar ways to conduct heat. They both can be identified as a diamond when evaluated with a diamond tester. The moissanite testers are based on a similar principle like the diamond tests, but they depend on the electric conductivity to distinguish the gemstones on the basis of their electric properties.

The moissanite testers were specifically designed to differentiate the two gems from each other. Moissanite testers tend to show inaccurate results and, hence, are not entirely reliable methods to distinguish moissanite and diamonds. Moreover, it is at times more challenging to assess smaller stones as well.

  • JFIRE Tester

Moissanite possesses a higher refractive index than the diamonds, causing more light to disperse than the diamond. This imparts a signature brilliance and fire to the moissanite. The JFIRE tests represent the diamond and moissanite of same size disperses light when suspended in water. The JFIRE test is comparatively a reliable test to differentiate between moissanite and diamond. However, it requires you to have a JFIRE Tester and acceptable sized stones to unsettle. Hence, this test cannot be performed on a jewelry item.


Thus, Moissanite and Diamonds are visually similar and even pass off as the same when seen with a naked eye. Moissanite resembles traditional diamonds. It shines and sparkles to impart unique brilliance. If somebody shows you a diamond of the exact same size, then it can be difficult for you to compare and distinguish between the two gemstones. It is almost colorless and possesses a refractive index similar to diamonds. Of all the available options, moissanite is most similar to diamond. Various experts consider moissanite to be a great alternative to diamond. Hence, it is possible to wear the moissanite ring as an alternative for a diamond.

Similar to the diamonds, the larger the moissanite stone, the more color, and fire you will observe, making it easier to distinguish it from the diamond. Due to this property, some people choose the moissanite stone with a specific Karat weight. Hence, only the professional jeweler or experts would be able to tell the difference. Apart from the outlook of the gemstones, moissanite is almost similar in hardness to diamond. On the Mohs hardness scale, moissanite has a hardness rating of 9.5, whereas diamonds have a solid 10 rating.

If you want to see the difference between moissanite and diamond, it is best to have a comparative sized diamond and moissanite and compare them together. It will be observed that both the gemstones have varying brilliance. Diamond has unique sparkle and its light-reflecting and refracting properties. Moissanite comes in more colors and has a distinct fire, giving it a striking rainbow color appearance. The disco ball appearance is more pronounced when seen in the sunlight.

All in all, the moissanite ring is a sustainable option and comes in an affordable price range. Although it is difficult to distinguish the diamond and moissanite rings, specialized tools like the diamond testers, moissanite testers, or JFIRE testers can help in this task. That said, visually, both moissanite and diamond look similar, so it can quite easily pass off as a diamond ring.

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