In this world, there are objects that people wear in order to compliment their dressing, highlight a particular feature of theirs or just for the express purpose of feeling pretty. Many of these items are usually made from metals (particularly precious metals), and they are usually pretty or fashioned in appealing designs which are usually made to attract the eyes. Such objects are typically known as jewelry.

Apart from metals, jewelry can also be generally made from other objects such as gemstones and other materials (especially those that have a particular sparkle, shine or brilliance to them).


There are many different types of jewelry, which can be worn on different parts of the body; as a matter of fact, many of the jewelries in the world are actually named after the parts of the body where in – or around which – they are worn such as;

  • Earrings

Earrings are pieces of jewelries that are typically worn in piercings in people’s ears. There are different types and forms of earrings, depending on the style, needs and requirements of the person wearing them. An individual’s choice of earrings may also depend on their budget and the price range of the jewelry. This is because the price of a particular piece of jewelry may be pretty important to some people’s budget; highly priced pieces of jewelries may be indicative of the high quality of materials used in making them e.g. precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and so on. Such highly priced pieces of jewelry may also feature expensive materials such as precious gemstones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires and even highly regarded semi-precious gemstones like pearls, amethyst, opals and so many more.

On the contrary, inexpensive or cheaply priced – and common – earrings may be indicative of the idea that materials of low quality were used in making the particular piece (or pieces). Individuals that wear such earrings may also be said to be of modest means (which shows that a person’s choice of earrings may actually be a means by which other people can use to guess their social and financial class or status).

A person’s choice of earrings may also say other things about them, such as their personal style and taste. Additionally, due to the fact that earrings are used to compliment a person’s look and draw attention to their ears, the type and number of them in a person’s ear could also leave an impression.

  • Necklaces

Necklaces are very popular articles of fashion (and jewelry), which are usually used by many people around the world. Unlike earrings (particularly those that are not of the metallic stud variety), one does not usually require piercings before they can wear necklaces.

There are different types of necklaces in the world, which exist in different patterns and designs; and can be made from different types of materials. For example, there are simple and uncomplicated designs that can be made from metals (e.g. chains). The types of metals used in making necklaces – in instances where metal is used in making necklaces – usually goes a long way in determining the price of the jewelry piece. For instance, those that are made out of precious metals, such as gold and silver, tend to be worth a lot more than those made from other metals. This is because such metals (i.e. precious metals like gold and silver) tend to be very expensive. Part of the reason for their relative expensiveness lays in the fact that such materials are usually more resistant to corrosion, rust and other forms of degradation that may reduce the quality of the jewelry piece (i.e. necklace) over time, and reduce its subsequent worth. Pure gold is actually very valuable, and its value generally remains constant through the years (it may even increase), which is why some individuals may choose to invest their wealth in jewelry such as necklaces made of pure, unadulterated gold.

  • Anklets

Anklets are pieces of jewelry which are usually worn around a person’s ankle (as its name suggests). This piece of jewelry is usually very significant in many cultures around the world, where it is used by maidens, and married women alike, to adorn themselves. It is also believed in certain organizations or parts of the world that the way anklets are worn may have hidden meanings; for example, in some streets in certain European countries – in the olden days – when a woman wears an anklet or ankle chain around her left ankle, it is actually supposed to send a different kind of message, compared to if she wears the article of jewelry around her right ankle.

Like necklaces, the quality of an ankle chain tends to depend on the type of materials – or metals – used in their making. Those made of precious metals tend to be more expensive than those made of non-precious metals; however, they tend to last for much longer periods of time, as they are resistant to rusting and degradation (at least to a very great deal).

  • Armbands

Armbands are articles of jewelry that are typically worn around a person’s arm. Armbands are significant parts of many cultures around the world, which afford an individual a unique look when coupled with the right kind of outfit. Like many other pieces of jewelry, armbands are ideally supposed to be made out of precious metals, as these tend to last for much longer periods of time; despite the fact that they cost considerably less.


Gold is a very valuable precious metal which is held in high esteem because of its rarity and its ability to resist corrosion by rust; which is one thing which a lot of non-precious metals are susceptible to. As a result of this, many articles of jewelry have been made with some percentage of gold within them, so that they can have the precious metal’s distinct luster. However, many people wonder if jewelry can be made from pure gold.

The simple answer is yes. It is entirely possible for a piece of jewelry to be made from pure gold (however, that jewelry is going to be very valuable and expensive, because pure gold does not come cheap).

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