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Does A Real Diamond Sparkle Rainbow?

As the old saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Nonetheless, it can also be her worst enemy. If in case, the diamond turns out fake and you are unable to recognize the difference between a real and fake stone, it can be very disappointing. Only a professional jeweler or gemologist knows to detect if the diamond is real or fake. There are various con artists on the market trying to sell you a piece of glass or plastic, claiming it to be a precious stone.

Purchasing diamonds is distinct from any other purchase you’ll ever make in your life. Diamonds are a rare commodity that is in high demand that can go for steep prices. To prevent and limit such scenarios, it is best to take precautionary measures and become aware of indicators pointing at a real diamond. This article will give you important pointers to detect a real diamond particularly related to its sparkle.

Certificate of Authenticity of Diamonds

First and foremost, anyone interested in buying diamonds must request the appropriate certification from authentic grading authorities. A grading authority like the American Gemological Society (AGS), Gemological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemological Institute (IGI), and also independent appraiser, affiliated with a professional organization, is the most authentic source to know the credibility of the diamond. Read also: 4Cs of diamond quality.

Method to Test If a Mounted Diamond is real

Some of the best imitations have been successful in fooling professional diamond dealers, so relying on your bare eyesight to examine if the diamond is real can be challenging but still possible. If you need to test a mounted diamond is real, you must not be able to look through to the bottom of it if it indeed a real gemstone. The simple reason behind it is how the light reflects through the various facets of the stone.

On the contrary, in the case of an unmounted diamond that is placed face down on a piece of paper, you shouldn’t see the writing beneath it. If you can decipher the writing through the stone, you are in for a real problem with your gem.

You Can Rarely See Through a Diamond

You can only see through a real gem when the cut of the stone is disproportionate. However, as it is rare, if you can see through it or read the text underneath the setting, you must get it checked by a professional jeweler.

Diamond Reflection Test

A diamond reflection is a unique and distinct feature of the precious gem. A real diamond reflects in shades of gray. That said, if you can see sparkling rainbow colors through your gem, the diamond is most likely to be fake.

Does A Real Diamond Sparkle Rainbow

Diamonds Can Be Detected on X-Ray

If you are noticing a diamond on an X-Ray, you have great news that your diamond is real. If you have your stone X-Rayed and it is not visible, it is not authentic. There is a possibility that if you are noticing a gem on your X-Ray, then it is most likely to be cubic zirconium.

Real Diamonds Have Unique Sparkle

Some other simple and quick methods to detect a real diamond are seeing how it sparkles in the light and how much you can see through it. A real diamond has a unique white and gray spark from the inside when it is held to the light and can reflect rainbow colors on the other surfaces. However, in the case of the fake gem, it displays rainbow colors within the stone surface when held up in the light.

An Untrained Eye Can Find It Difficult to Test the Authenticity of Diamond

It is difficult for the untrained eye to assess how a real diamond looks. It is always suggested to buy the jewel from a reputable and authentic source.

DIY Method to Determine Whether a Diamond is real at Home

You can use the following simple test to know whether a diamond is real:

  • Water Test

Take a normal-sized drinking glass and fill it to almost ¾ of it with water. Carefully suspend the gem into the glass. If the precious jewel sinks, it is a real diamond. If it floats beneath or on the surface, you have a fake stone on your hands. A real diamond possesses high density. This simple water test can help you determine if your gem matches the diamond’s level of density.

  • Sunlight Test to Test if a Diamond is real.

Diamonds have a distinct light-reflecting property. The interior of a real diamond is required to sparkle in gray and white color. In contrast, the outside of the gem should reflect rainbow colors on the other surfaces. On the contrary, a fake diamond shows rainbow color sparkle on the interior and exterior of the diamonds.

  • Mirror Test to Test if a Diamond is real.

The mirror test is also commonly known as the ‘scratch test.’ It happens to be the easiest method to determine the authenticity of a diamond. The test is simple, you need to scratch the loose gem against a mirror. If the gem can scratch the mirror, it is most likely to be a diamond. Nonetheless, nowadays, the imitations are also composed of strong and durable materials. Hence, this method is not too reliable these days.

  • Heat Resistance

A real diamond is highly resistant to heat. So, if you bring close a piece of diamond to the heat source, the real diamond will remain unharmed. On the contrary, a glass material, when brought near a heat source, will shatter.

  • Genuine Diamond Does Not Fog Up

Another fast method to detect a fake diamond is that it fogs up. However, it is not recommended and basing your examinations primarily and solely on this test. An artificial stone will not be able to conduct heat. By simply breathing on it, you can get a basic idea of whether the diamond is real or fake. A real diamond can fog up, but it will immediately clear off. In contrast, a fake diamond won’t be able to clear itself immediately after fogging up.

Type of Setting

While this is not entirely a foolproof technique, it is applicable and valid most of the time. If the gem is set, you need to examine if the ring’s metal is of low-quality metal like the one with the C.Z stamp. It is most likely that the gem is a fake one. On the contrary, rings composed of 18K, 14K, or10K gold or the ones marked with 950, 900, 750, or 585, Pt, Plat, usually hold genuine diamonds.

  • Sand Down Your Diamond

This method can sound frightening, but you must consider that diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring elements. You can physically rub a diamond with the sandpaper, and the stone should appear as if it was unscathed. If you notice any scratch or damage to the stone, it is most likely a fake stone. This is not a widely experienced method and requires some courage to try to sand down your diamond.

  • Weighing the Diamond

This method is only applicable and testable if you possess cubic zirconia, an element most used to replace real diamonds of similar size. Interestingly, cubic zirconia weighs more than diamond. For instance, if the stone weighs 55% less than the mass of cubic zirconia, then you own a real diamond. If it weighs the same, it is most likely a fake stone.

The bottom line is it is vital to check the authenticity of the diamond you are purchasing. It is a significant investment, not just financially but also emotionally. A simple trick is to know that the real diamond has a sparkle of grey and white color inside the gem. In contrast, it sparkles in rainbow colors on the outer surfaces. On the other hand, a fake diamond shows a rainbow-colored sparkle both inside and outside the gem. Unfortunately, just like any other sector, several scammers are only in it for easy money. With each passing year and time goes by, the imitations are more and more refined. Nonetheless, there are numerous methods of examining these gemstones before it is too late. You must only consult trustworthy jewelers and experts or check the qualified and genuine reviews that can vouch for the authenticity of the diamonds. 

Apart from the methods given in this article, it is also possible to buy a loupe from a jewelry store or borrow from the authorized online franchises and briefly examine and describe a diamond through the offered tool. A real diamond will still have some imperfections, whereas a fake diamond will be perfect with no drawbacks. You may need to familiarize yourself with some imperfections of natural and real diamonds and discuss with an expert or your professional jeweler to answer your questions and concerns. Introducing yourself to the ins and outs of diamonds before buying one will protect you from emotional strain and financial loss. However, in the long term, these extensive measures and efforts are worthwhile.

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