Organize My Jewelry DIY

How Do I Organize My Jewelry DIY

Organizing your jewelry and storing them neatly can be challenging, especially when you are always in a rush and busy in your life. But it is mandatory otherwise in time of need you might not find that perfect pearl necklace in your jewelry collection. You wonder where you have lost them or even dropped them accidentally down the drain. Times like these, you wish you had organized your stuff earlier to save you the trouble now. 

Jewelry must be kept in special storage to make sure it remains tangle-free and safe. It is inappropriate to be tossing all your rings, necklaces, earrings, and other jewels in a pile. They each vary in shapes and size, and varying jewelry must be sorted and stored individually. Layered necklaces, for example, will be stored and organized differently than hoop earrings. Ideally, it’s better to keep your jewelry near your dressing area, whether it may be a bathroom or a walk-in closet. It helps streamline your routine by allowing you to select an outfit and accessorize in the same space. Based on the available space, you may organize your collection atop a counter or dresser, in a drawer, behind the door, or on a wall.

Before you decide to organize your dresser for separate storage for jewelry, examine your collection for damaged and lost items and the stuff you no longer use. This is the perfect time to clean and sort your jewelry pieces. Once you have sorted your desired jewelry items, follow this comprehensive guide to help you organize jewelry effectively.

  • Select a Jewelry Drawer.

Designate a separate drawer in your wardrobe or bedroom for organizing your jewelry collection. Shallow drawers ideally work perfectly, as the items can easily be accessed. Choose a drawer with compartments of various sizes. This will help you sort your bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and other baubles in individual slots. If you have some extra space in the drawer, layer another jewelry tray atop the first to have extra storage.

Less isn’t necessarily more always. You may as well go and go maximalist by grouping similar items into various compartments. From trays to acrylic makeup containers, be creative and maintain your vast jewelry collection accessible.

  • Reuse Vintage Stuff for Jewelry Organization.

Choose innovative ways for storing and displaying your jewelry using flea market discoveries. A vintage frame with a mesh screen can be purposed into a quirky organizer for dangling earrings. Perk it up with a little S-hooks for displaying layered necklaces and bracelets. Antique silverware, like trays, bowls, or even cups, offer a fantastic spot to organize rings and bracelets.

  • Doll It Up with Velvet.

You get an elite feeling from the concept of keeping your jewelry items on a plush velvet pillow. This velvety texture storage will keep your prized possessions in place while giving it a trendy outlook. 

  • Make your Daily Accessorizing Easy and Convenient.

You can organize your daily jewelry in your sight by placing them in your wardrobe and making it easy to access your favorite piece. Keep your necklaces tangle-free by placing them on a makeup mirror or wall-mounted knobs or hooks. Keep small pieces in decoration dishes, trays, or cups that are big enough to house these items. Keep a small container on the nightstand to securely drop your jewelry items before dosing them off.

  • Keep Your Collection on Display.

Give each jewel its separate space, so the items are prevented from getting misplaced, inadvertently tossed, or lost. Store necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and watches in unique jewelry holders which offer visibility. Viewing your bling helps you in visual inventory, allowing you to keep track of if anything’s gone astray. As an easy DIY organizer for jewelry, deck your chunky bracelets and bangles on a paper towel holder, or a bottleneck fills up the bottle with sand to keep it steady.

  • Use Hooks to Store Necklaces.

Hanging the dangly necklaces separately prevents them from turning into a tangled mess of pendants. Keep them in a place where they can be seen quickly, and you’ll be wearing them often. A convenient DIY solution is to attach decorative knobs and hooks to a wall in the wardrobe to show necklaces. 

  • Get Creative with Compartmentalization to Organize Jewelry.

An art palette offers a fun foundation for making an everyday accessories platform. Stylize the tray with a padded dish, a tiny bowl, and a cup to organize jewelry, makeup brushes, and makeup. Utilize the crannies for keeping earrings and rings. A similar organizer option is compartmentalized platters and trays.

  • Make a Jewelry Organizer Platform.

Avoid breakage, loss, and underuse by keeping earrings on a beautiful organizer that sits on your vanity or dressing table. These are readily available in all sizes and styles; these organizers allow you to see your items. You can also make the jewelry organizer stand with an easy DIY solution. Use a tree branch or a garden tool to create a spot for hanging your favorite jewelry items. 

  • Secure your Delicate Jewelry Items.

Protect your precious items by storing your bling and gems in jewelry organizer boxes. They can keep special occasion items in a secure, organized, and dust-free manner. Here is a DIY solution: just use stackable boxes or even drawstring bags to store bulky necklaces and bracelets.

  • Make Jewelry Pocket Organizers.

You can use a wide range of ready-made hanging organizers decorated with separate pockets to store your favorite jewelry items. You can also make these pocket organizers yourself at home. Use hooks to hang a piece of jewelry or a shoe organizer from a curtain rod of your wardrobe. The hanging organizers are not intended for valuable and delicate jewelry items; instead, they are most suitable for organizing chunky bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

  • Try Divided Jewelry Organizers.

There are various drawer inserts housed with different slots and compartments that help sort your jewelry by type. You can either buy it from your favorite store or repurpose your kitchen-drawer cutlery stands, vibrant ice-cube trays, or dividers that inspire you to personalize your drawer’s interior. Simply put labels on each section so you can retrieve your jewels from the appropriate section.

  • Build Your Jewelry Organizer from Scratch.

If you want to go all artsy and creative, give your best shot at building your jewelry organizer right from scratch. Cover a cork bulletin board with solid fabric or cloth and fix a frame with metal screening or a decorative mesh to build your personalized jewelry organizer. You can use pearly pushpins for hanging necklaces on the board, hook earring wires using the screen openings. On your vanity or countertop, keep a bracelet holder and divided containers to drop post rings and earrings.

  • Hang the Wall Jewelry Organizer.

You can either buy a wall-mounted jewelry organizer to hang on your vanity. As a DIY jewelry organizer, you can also personalize a shallow cabinet with paint, textured cloth or wallpaper, and a black velvet border. Decorate the interior with knobs and hooks for keeping necklaces, sorted dividers to hold earrings, and cubbyholes for stacking bracelets.

  • Got Crystals, Use Them for Placing Jewels

If you own some precious crystals, then rest assured you can use them for more than just energy cleansing. Keep your best earrings and stackable rings on a flat-top crystal for a visually attractive and healing organizing place.

  • Dress Up Your Decoration Pieces

Use your decoration items like animated crystal objects and make them even cooler by making them functional décor pieces. Hang or stick your rings and bracelets on it, and this will add flair and declutter the mess.

In a nutshell, all jewelry items must be stored and maintained in separate storage to ensure they are safe and sound.  Refrain from tossing all your rings, earrings, necklaces, and other jewels in a pile. All these items are in varying in shapes and sizes. Hence, all the jewelry items must be sorted and organized separately. Tiered necklaces and chokers can be arranged differently than chunky rings. Ideally, you must have your jewelry items adjacent to your dressing area, be it a bathroom or a closet. It helps simplify your routine by facilitating you to get dressed and doll yourself up, all in one place. You can organize your jewelry items on a vanity or closet, in a drawer, behind the door, or on a wall. You can use everyday items like trays, bowls, cups, and cutlery stands to organize your favorite necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc. You can make DIY jewelry by organizing stands and hanging organizers to store your precious jewels from being misplaced, lost, or tangled up.

Moreover, your prized décor pieces can be convenient when it comes to placing your jewelry. Lastly, if you own healing crystals, they can be used as dual-purpose for cleansing your aura and storing and organizing your favorite jewelry. Therefore, now is the time to try your DIY jewelry organizing tricks and save your time and space. Read also: how to clean my jewelry at home.

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