Due to how much jewelries they cost, they are meant to be stored, handled and carried with care. While you travel jewelries should be stored accordingly. Apart from their high costs, jewelries are also to be handled with care considering the purpose they serve and their means of acquisition. Some jewelry pieces may be symbolical, for instance, a ring may represent one’s societal status, while another may be a family heirloom passed from one generation to another, and another, symbolism of a union (as in a wedding ring or an engagement jewelry). Irrespective of the cost of the jewelry, its symbolism or worth, they should be handled with care to ensure longevity.

Extra care is to be taken when jewelries are carried about. This includes when the jewelries are to be taken along when traveling. Jewelries are to be organized and packed properly to ensure intactness. There are various reasons why we must carefully organize our travel jewelries. Some of these reasons are:

  1. To avoid damage:

When jewelries are not carefully organized they may be damaged. Gemstones or pearls may fall out of place. The hook of some jewelry may get spoilt. Metallic jewelry pieces may get distorted or even broken. So to avoid all these, it is necessary to carefully organize your jewelries properly when taking them along for traveling.

  1. In order for them not to tangle

Necklaces, chains, bracelets, anklets etc., may be entangled if not organized properly when taking them on a trip. To avoid going through the stress linked with disentangling them, one must make sure they organize their jewelries very well. Tangling may even cause damage to jewelries.

  1. To make sure they do not get missing

When your jewelries are not properly organized they may fall off from your travel bags or simply just go missing. You must make sure your jewelries are properly stored to avoid cases of missing jewelries simply because you are traveling with them.

  1. To avoid theft

Lastly, when you do not organize your jewelries properly before taking them on a trip, they may be stolen. Organizing your jewelries involve knowing what jewelries to keep close to avoid cases of theft.

ORGANIZING TRAVEL JEWELRIES: packing tool you would be needing and how to organize your jewelries in them.

When traveling, you definitely want to go along with as less bags as possible in order to avoid inconveniences associated with carrying plenty of loads.

If you want to travel with your jewelry, then you are definitely going along with extra loads and boxes for packaging and to ensure they are properly organized. While this extra baggage would afford you a little more inconvenience, it is definitely worth the stress. You cannot afford to stack all your jewelry pieces in a small purse when moving along with them. They may get damaged in the process. You’d agree with me that the stress of carrying a little more load wouldn’t hurt as much as losing or damaging a precious jewelry.

Below are extra jewelry packaging items you should look to carry when traveling with your jewelries. They would be needed for organizing your travel jewelries:

  • A jewelry roll

Jewelry rolls are perfect for use when traveling with your jewelries. They are smaller than jewelry boxes and cases but would serve the same protective purpose the latter will. There are different kinds of jewelry rolls and these rolls have different compartments for different kinds of jewelries.

Jewelry rolls comes in different sizes, styles and closures. Some have mental closures while others may even come with lock and key to afford your jewelries with the needed security when you are traveling.

Most jewelry rolls are made with clothes. The cloth options they come in include: cotton, satin, velvet, silk or even embroidered. Other materials that can be used to make jewelry roll are: leather and vinyl. Leather rolls are luxurious while vinyl ones are relatively inexpensive.

Different compartments are found in different rolls the most commonly found are:

  • An earring station with a snap-down flap for keeping your earring organized and in place
  • Hooks, snap closures or rings for organizing your bracelets and necklaces
  • Pockets with either a snap closure, zip closure or elastic closure for putting large piece of jewelry like large pendants, pearl necklaces, etc.; and
  • A ring bar for storing your rings
  • A jewelry box

If traveling for long and going along with many jewelry pieces then, a jewelry box should be opted for.

To organize your jewelries in a jewelry box, firstly organize similar pieces together. Necklaces together, Bracelets and anklets together, pendant and small pieces together, and so on. Secondly, place your organizers in the boxes and put in your jewelries, placing them in different organizers. Your earrings should not be but directly inside an organizer, but they should rather be pinned to a piece of ribbon or fabric before being put in their separate organizer in the box. Also, your rings should be put on a round binder clip before putting them in their organizers in the box.

Other packaging options include:

  • Buttons or foam for storing earrings
  • Pill cases for packing small items like earrings and rings
  • Straws for fitting necklaces
  • Ziploc bags or packaging papers for putting small jewelry pieces.
  • Jewelry cases for storing every other jewelry piece but necklaces
  • Glass cases for storing glasses
  • Socks for rings
  • Wine corks for earrings etc.


Asides knowing the right packaging material to organize your jewelry in and how to use them rightly, it is also necessary to get some additional tips in order to protect and organize your jewelries. Additional tips for packaging your travel jewelries are:

  1. Highly priced and invaluable jewelries should be kept with you in case your luggage gets missing.
  2. Make sure you carry only jewelries you will be needing, as traveling with all your jewelry pieces is not a good idea.
  3. Try as much as possible to reduce the amount of jewelries you’d be carrying. if possible choose a particular statement for your trip and stick with it throughout your stay
  4. Carry along cleaners for your jewelries if you’d be staying for long.

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