How Many Types Of Gems Are There?

Gemstones are the most exquisite and expensive kinds of stones found on earth. In addition to natural monomineral aggregates like opals and a few biological materials like pearls and coral, which are considered gemstones in a broader sense, there are natural mineral crystals such crystals, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and others.

Gemstones can also be categorized based on how rare they are. The four most valuable gemstones are considered to be diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. However, because of their gorgeous hues and symbolic significance, mid-range gemstones like aquamarines and tourmalines have also become quite popular with collectors.

We’ve compiled a list of gemstones with their respective meanings here, organized by name, color, month, and zodiac sign. Enjoy!


One of Buddhism’s seven treasures is agate. It is frequently referred to as the stone of happiness and has been worn as an amulet since ancient times. People claim that agate promotes harmony by deepening love and fostering better communication between the lover and oneself.


The alexandrite, the June birthstone, promotes emotional well-being by boosting self-esteem and confidence and ultimately making the wearer happy. Additionally, it represents fortune, prosperity, longevity, and good luck.


Amazonite has long been thought to be a calming stone that soothes the brain and nervous system. It is said to assist promote health and balance the energy of the male and female.

Amazonite is used in crystal therapies for this purpose, as well as in jewelry like necklaces.


Amber represents cleaning and healing. Ancient people thought it gave the dead illumination as they traveled through the underworld.



In actuality, amethysts represent security and tranquillity and can bestow creativity and knowledge on the wearer. As was already said, another meaning of the stone is love. It is an excellent gem for boosting appeal and attractiveness because it helps to foster relationships. Amethysts are a stone of mystery, passion, and elegance, to sum things up.


This polished stone is well-known for both its material and spiritual advantages. The aquamarine is beneficial for reducing tension, promoting tranquility, and improving communication.


The aventurine is a lovely and useful gemstone that deflects harmful energy. It also delivers energy and aids in decision-making while encouraging creativity. The stone of balance and tranquility is actually referred to as aventurine.

Blood Stone

Bloodstone is known by several names, including Christ’s Stone, Warrior Stone, and Martyr Stone, all of which allude to its potent meaning. Bloodstone is a symbol of courage, justice, and strength.

According to some healers, it supports good circulation and a strong immune system.


The carnelian’s blood-red tint symbolizes the sign of life. It is obligated to follow religious rites and rituals.


Depression, fear, hysteria, and other depressing feelings can all be removed with chalcedony. The removal of needless material possessions that have nothing to do with spirituality is another benefit of this stone, which eases mental strain.

Wearers’ spirituality and foresight are particularly enhanced by purple chalcedony.


The chrysoprase possesses energizing qualities, as suggested by its vivid hue. Due to its calming and relaxing qualities, it is actually the perfect stone for people who have trouble falling or staying asleep.


Citrine brings happiness by regulating people’s emotions and calming them down, much like its vivid and bright hue which sets it apart from all other types of gemstones. Citrine’s owners can also become more self-assured and make wiser judgments with its assistance, all of which are sources of happiness.


Since ancient times, the main fascination of a diamond has been its “eternal” quality. Diamonds that are discovered naturally often range in age from one to three billion years; to get to your finger, they had to travel from the depths of the earth to the most extreme high-pressure settings.

Given that diamonds are the hardest substance that mankind have ever discovered, they are often used as a metaphor for a relationship’s unshakable tenacity.


This gemstone has a reputation for giving its possessor the ability to predict the future. You would be compelled to tell the truth and would be shielded from bad spirits if an emerald were placed beneath your tongue.

Emeralds also had a reputation for being able to make the wearer a persuasive public speaker, make a lover tell the truth, and cure illnesses.

One of the most potent myths is that God gave King Solomon emeralds as one of the precious stones. The king was granted authority over all of creation thanks to these stones.


Fluorite was a valuable stone that was commonly utilized in the ancient Roman era to make wine cups and vases. Even the ancient Romans thought that wine glasses made of fluorite would prevent intoxication.

Because of its rich, vibrant color and immaculate, faultless crystals, fluorite is referred to as “the most vivid gemstone in the world.” Collectors love this mineral since it is one of the most unique stones. Fluorite of good quality can cost a lot of money.


The garnet, which is sometimes referred to as a stone of metamorphosis and mutation, has the power to aid in getting beyond obstacles in order to have an experience. It could also emphasize intense love.


Hematite typically has red streaks, a metallic to semi-metallic shine, and the colors red, brown, gray, and black.

Hematite has various uses as a stone for grounding, clarity, and detoxification. It also symbolizes courage, endurance, and optimism.

Dichroite, Iolite, and Cordierite

The word “iolite,” which is Greek for “violet,” refers to the color of gem-grade iolite. Iolite is also obtainable in blue, light yellow, light green, and light brown hues in addition to purple.

Additionally, because it resembles the indigo sapphire from Myanmar and frequently contains water, it is sometimes known as “water sapphire.”

Iolite is mostly produced in Brazil, China, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Madagascar.


Jade has long been thought to provide its user more clarity, wisdom, and intuition. Jade pendants have so long been worn as talismans of protection.


The opaque, typically red, green, yellow, and brown, and sporadically blue, jasper stone is a kind of chalcedony.

Jasper is referred to as the Supreme Nurturer because it is a stone that calms the mind and exudes warmth in all of its forms and hues.

Jasper brings happiness and inspires the bearer to share it with others. It enables the bearer to identify people who are alone and in need.

Jasper strengthens the mind and offers defense against both physical and psychological threats when worn. During times of stress and fear, it brings calmness and strength, enabling the bearer to face problems in life with steadfastness.


Kunzite is a transparent pink purple lithium-containing mineral, hardness 6.5 – 7 (Mohs hardness scale), specific gravity: 3.18, a variance of Spodumene. After being introduced to Tiffany by Kunz, Kunzite has become the top five gemstones for the brand that are as popular as Morganite and Tanzanite.

Kunzite is a good choice for us gemstone fans. Apart from this irresistible pinkish purple charm, kunzite’s composition is very stable, with just the right hardness and specific gravity; in addition, kunzite has an absolute price advantage.

Unlike morganite and tanzanite from the same house, kunzite’s price has always followed a steady and upward trend.


The labradorite is able to block all negative thoughts by providing a mental protection. It helps to reduce stress and fatigue.

Lapis Lazuli

Among all types of gemstones, this beautiful dark blue one is renowned for its soothing effects on nervous or depressed people. Lapis lazuli helps introverts by allowing them to gain confidence, promote communication and free expression.


The larimar stone is an amazingly beautiful stone from the Dominican Republic, which means “incomparable blue”. It is low in production, expensive, and said to have powerful metaphysical properties including relaxing and calming.

The larimar stone corresponds to the throat chakra and has a cooling and releasing effect, helping to clear negative energies in each chakra and bring peace.

Therefore, it helps us to objectively examine, and evaluate our thoughts and behaviors, and then improve. It is a stone that promotes “self-reflection”.

It also helps us to see our strengths and weaknesses, to appreciate the value of each existence, and to eliminate jealousy and the desire for unnecessary comparison, so that one can return to simple happiness.


An ancient superstition has led many people to believe that malachite helps babies sleep and keeps evil spirits at bay. For this reason, many parents place a lozenge of malachite on their babies.

In addition to this, malachite is normally used for decorative purposes.


Moonstones have healing powers on female issues such as infertility and menopause. As evoked by their mild and pure color, moonstones allow people to soften the mood and enhance maternal fulfillment. They also stimulate intuitions and inspirations.


In ancient times, onyx was known as the “third eye”. In the Middle Ages, It was regarded as the “gemstone to drive away evil spirits”. Persians used onyx to cure epilepsy and even to calm storms.

This black gemstone has a calming effect on the mind, protecting us from nightmares, eliminating unwanted fantasies and wavering thoughts, making it a source of strength and serenity.

That why onyx was one of the favorite stones of Queen Victoria of England. In the old English tradition, midwives used to place onyx next to babies to calm them.

Did you know any of those listed above? Tell us which is your favourite or which you are most fascinated by.

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