Giving a girl a ring can mean many things depending on the situation or condition under which the ring was given. To accurately answer this question, it is necessary to learn of the different kinds of rings that can be given to a girl and what they signify. 



Gift ring

As the name implies, a gift ring is a kind of ring simply given out as a gift. Depending on the relationship between the gifter and the girl he’s gifting, there might be need for explaining that the ring is just a gift. For instance, a girl might assume her boyfriend is proposing marriage if he just presents a ring to her out of the blues.

Gift rings should be appropriate as gifts. They shouldn’t be at all like those fine rings used for marriage proposals. Gift rings should be artistic. They should preferable be rings sized for fingers other than the fourth or engagement finger. Gift rings can come in any design. They can be made from any of the material used in making rings. They must not be mounted with gemstones.

Some people do not consider rings as a gift that should just be given out merely because you want to give a gift. They feel rings are meant to be symbolic and should only be worn to signify the symbols they so represent like marriage, engagements etc. This nonetheless doesn’t mean you cannot give a female friend a gift ring. You can and should get one if you know she would like it. But, if you feel the girl is an over thinker and would likely overthink the gift, then it’s best you gift her something else. If the gift has to be a jewelry then you might want to consider a necklace or a bracelet.

Promise ring

A promise ring is a ring gifted to someone to guide a promise. You can only give a girl a promise ring when you are in a romantic relationship with her. This ring is used to signify commitment and fidelity. Giving a girl a promise ring means you want to be committed to her and want her to do same. 

A promise ring should only be offered to a girl that is your girlfriend and should only be given when you’ve dated her for a considerably long significant period of time, say, six months. This type of ring must not be given out if you’re not ready to show commitment. 

While most promise rings are given before engagement rings, it is also possible to give a girl the same with no intentions of marriage. Especially if you both have no intentions of getting married. Promise rings can be given on any occasions. It is more interesting to give her the same on her birthday, or a dating anniversary. 

If you want to give a girl a promise ring, make sure the ring is a simple one. Promise rings can be made from any metallic material used in making rings. 

Purity ring

Gifting a girl, a purity ring is not very common.  Purity rings are most times given to children from their parents to signify a plea/promise to remain a virgin till after marriage. This practice is common among religious families. It is not a far-fetched practice among Catholics.

A purity ring is also known as an abstinence ring or a chastity ring. It is similar to a promise ring, as the two are symbols of commitment.  A purity ring is different from a promise ring in that while a promise ring signifies commitment to a lover, a purity ring is a sign of being committed to one’s self. 

Purity rings are commonly worn by young adults and teens. And it is often presented by their parents. For instance, it is a common practice for a father to present a purity ring to his daughter. mother to son too. Although, there is no rule that defines this practice. 

There is nothing wrong with someone offering a girl a purity ring, but it is improper to do so if that discussion has not come up. Also, it is gentlemanly not to bring up the discussion unless she does.

Engagement ring

Giving an engagement ring to a girl, is simply giving her a promise of marriage. You can only give a girl an engagement ring if you both are already in a relationship. 

Engagement rings are many times mounted with gemstones. Compared to other kinds of rings they are always relatively grand looking. They often comprise of a precious metal mounted with a gemstone. Much thought and money is often put into acquiring an engagement ring.

Wedding ring/Eternity ring

These two kinds of rings are both presented to girls under the umbrella of marriage. While one is given on her wedding day, the other is presented in marriage (especially during an anniversary). They are both symbols of a promise to love, and spend life together forever.


The most important significance of giving a girl a ring is love. Whether the girl is friend, daughter, partner or spouse, all that matters is that you love them and are presenting an object to show that.

In love, giving a girl a ring means:

1. That you value your relationship with her (even as just a friend)

2. You want her to make a promise of commitment to you

3. You want her to make a commitment to herself

4. That you would want her to get married to you

5. That you would want to get stay with her for better for worse

6. You adore her and wants to spend the rest of your life with her (as in the case of an eternity ring)

Whatever be the reason for giving a girl a ring, it is important that you make your intentions known and that you also get the appropriate ring for the particular reason you are giving out the ring. Also, try as much as possible to not to make the gifting look awkward by making it grander than it should. For instance, when you are giving her a gift ring, try to make it seem like one and not like you’re giving her an engagement ring.

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