There are many items that people wear for the purpose of beautifying or adorning themselves; jewelries happen to be some of them. Jewelries are usually articles such as earrings, necklaces, chains, rings, armbands and so on, which people wear on their person either to highlight some of their features or compliment their dressing (or for other reasons like displaying their wealth or as symbols of their marital status, among others). Jewelries are usually made of materials such as metals (e.g. silver, gold, platinum etc) and other non-metal pieces such as gemstones.


The decision to wear jewelry is something that a lot of people may not think twice about, either because they are already very used to the process or they simply feel like it is a norm. However, sometimes, a lot of thought goes into many parts of that process; especially the types of jewelry to wear and when to wear it.

People wear jewelry for a bunch of reasons, which may include the following:

  • To highlight their features

Oftentimes, a lot of people wear jewelry in order to display or highlight a particular feature of theirs, in a very subtle manner. For instance, a person who feels like they have very prominent neck and chest bone areas are more likely to wear statement neckpieces or dress a certain way in order to display such a feature in the best possible way. They may also feel uncomfortable or a bit underdressed whenever they leave such areas bare. Likewise, a person is more likely to invest in armbands if they do not like to leave their arms bare for any specific reason. Similarly, people with multiple piercings in their ear are more likely to draw attention to that area of their body (i.e. their ear) when all those piercings are filled with jewelry, particularly specific (ear) cuffs that may fascinate those who do not have as many ear piercings, or any piercings at all. Even those with single ear piercings can still slay and stun others with their sense of style when they invest in unique earrings and ear jewelries that are both elegant and classy (particularly those that are quite uncommon).

In the same manner, individuals who wear jewelry in their nose (e.g. septum rings and other types of nose rings) are more likely to draw the attention and fascination of others to that specific feature of theirs (i.e. their nose), because of their choice of jewelry.

  • To compliment their dressing

Another reason why people wear jewelry, which is closely related to the desire to highlight their features, is the desire to compliment their dressing. When it comes to fashion, clothes are usually considered the main thing while jewelries are usually referred to as part of the accessories. This is because coupling an outfit or a particular piece of clothing, with the right accessory is a part of what helps a person achieve a desired look. It helps a person to tie their entire look together; which is why two people may wear the same set of clothing but give off different vibes, based off the kind of jewelry they use in highlighting their attire.

  • To display their wealth and social status

It is not secret that a lot of assumptions can be made about a person’s means, and wealth, simply by observing the sort of jewelry they wear. Those of higher wealth and social status are more likely to go for more expensive and rare pieces of jewelry that are usually made from precious metals (especially gold); along with items such as rare and valuable gemstones e.g. diamonds. While this assumption may not always be true, it is a rather paramount way of thinking which may influence the way other people treat those that wear a lot of pricy “bling” such as high quality gold or silver chains, and expensive diamonds or other gemstones of very high carats and quality.

  • To symbolize their marital status

One major reason why people wear jewelry is to symbolize their marital status. This is because most married people wear wedding bands or wedding rings, which are usually worn on the fourth finger of their left hand. And while this is not always the case, this rule does tend to apply to a lot of married couples. Therefore, the type of jewelry which is usually used in this case is the wedding ring.


In the world of jewelry, luxury makes a wealth of difference. This is because jewelry pieces from luxury jewelry brands are often seen to be of much higher quality and class; because they are usually very expensive and therefore typically signifies good taste and notable social status.

Over the course of many years, some jewelry brands have made a name for themselves in this area; as renowned luxury brands that everybody wants to buy jewelry from. Examples of these jewelry brands include the following:

  • Cartier

Cartier is a very popular French brand that most people know. Their name has been featured a lot of movies and social media outlet as a luxury jewelry brand with to trust, and this portrayal is not wrong. After all, Cartier is a conglomerate that specializes in luxury goods such as watches, leather goods and jewelry. They are known for designing, manufacturing and distributing these products through the means of over 200 stores within 125 countries, and they have been in existence for over 100 years; since 1847, when the company was founded by Louis-Francois Cartier.

  • Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co. (or just Tiffany’s) is a very illustrious American luxury jewelry brand that is known all over the world for selling jewelry and other items. Much like Cartier, the company was founded over a hundred years ago. However, today, their jewelries are rather famous for their superior class and elegance. Products of Tiffany & Co can be purchased at their physical stores and online (or by means of corporate merchandising).

Other notable luxury jewelry brands include Van Cleef & Arpels, Graff, Harry Winston, Buccellati , Piaget and Bvlgari among others.


A lot of people would disagree of what the best luxury jewelry brand in the world is (because there are a lot of brilliant options to choose from), however, some names ring the loudest bells in the world of luxury jewelry, and they include; Cartier, Tiffany& Co, Harry Winston, Chopard and Boucheron. These brands are some of the best luxury jewelry brands in the world, and it may be difficult to choose just one. Yet, Cartier remains the one of the most popular top favorites on many people’s minds.

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