Bearded Girdle

What’s a Bearded Girdle?

Bearded Girdle
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Did you know that the word ‘diamond’ is derived from the Greek word adamas which means ‘unconquerable’ or ‘invincible’? The meaning is in reference to the diamond’s extraordinary hardness as well as the belief that it possesses magical powers which can protect you against attacks or even poison. 

One of the reasons we love diamonds so much is because of their hardness which is attributed to the gruelling process of immense pressure and extreme temperatures below the earth’s surface. Their hardness and durability have earned them the top spot for hardest minerals in the world with a hardness score of 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

Although the diamond has impressive characteristics, it is susceptible to mishandling. Bearded girdle is an example of a diamond related flaw. It refers to the scrapes and fuzziness on the line where the crown of the diamond meets the pavilion. 

The white fuzz on the girdle (the outermost edge of the stone) is sometimes only visible through a microscope but in other instances it can be seen with the naked eye. And, yes, it does resemble a beard!

Gemmologists use a 10x magnification loupe to check for bearded girdles. They might see small feather-like marks between the girdle and the facets that seem to be headed towards the heart of the diamond. It’s unfortunate that the bearded girdle gives a rough looking appearance instead of a smooth finish.

Bearded girdle can be as a result of too much pressure being applied during the cutting and polishing process. Thankfully, modern technology has reduced the number of diamonds with bearded girdles, but years of wear and tear can cause it as well. Bearded girdles don’t affect the brilliance of the diamond too much, but if left unattended they can make the stone more vulnerable to chipping.

The diamond may not be totally invincible as the Ancient Greeks thought but when cared for properly, it can be worn almost every day, and be passed on as an heirloom. Where do bearded girdles appear? 

We are protective of our engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces and earrings but what about other items of jewellery that may be embellished with diamonds and other gemstones? Can they get bearded girdles too? Let’s check out some of these other jewellery items.

Piercing Rings

The more daring ones among us can take our individuality up a notch by wearing diamond body jewellery. You’ve probably pierced your helix, septum, tongue and everywhere else. 

You don’t mind being the centre of attention so you probably will go all out with diamonds. A dainty diamond sparkling from your eyebrow or nose piercing will be admired. The bonus? It adds shimmer to your outfit.

While most body jewellery items may not regularly come in contact with surfaces like a ring does, they may still be vulnerable to bearded girdles. For instance, if you tighten the balls on your barbell too much then this can cause the threading to be stripped and the diamonds can fall onto rough surfaces. 

Also, a setting with too few prongs on your navel or nose ring can snag on clothes and other items. This can cause the stone to become loosened overtime, fall out and get a bearded girdle.


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You like this accessory because you know how to make an entrance. Just be sure to watch where you’re going! While a tiara is mostly worn during special occasions, you want to be mindful that the diamonds must be handled with great care.

If you’re going to be a queen or princess for a little while, then you will more than likely work the room with grace and poise. Some queens may have ruled with an iron fist, but they were probably gentle with their treasures. 

Your tiara deserves the same treatment. Years of falling to the ground can result in bearded girdles so ensure that it’s securely fastened on your head. Furthermore, consider storing it in a trinket box or the box it came in when not in use.


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If you’re looking for a way to add mystique with a dramatic flair to your outfit, then a diamond encrusted choker would be your best bet. However, we know that not all drama is positive so bearded girdle on your diamonds may be perceived as quite a mess.

One way to protect your show stopping diamond choker is to only wear it during special occasions. It probably goes without saying because there’s no way such a dazzling item would be appropriate in the office or for grocery shopping. 

You should also consider secure settings such as bezel and 6 prongs. These are perfect because the diamonds are less likely to get snagged or fall out.  


This may be your version of a time machine as it can transport you to a time when members of royalty and nobility regularly incorporated it into their outfits. 

It makes a comeback every now and then, proving that it is indeed a timeless item. You wear it regardless of whether it’s en vogue because you are all about self-expression and style. You may even take it to another level by wearing circlets with diamonds.

Bearded girdle will be a non-issue if you are careful. Protecting the diamonds and other stones in the circlet will guarantee their longevity. This may mean that you will wear it only during special occasions or when you are wearing a costume that represents medieval times. 

If ancient civilizations can pass them down as heirlooms in good conditions, so can you.


Photo by Samar Ahmad on Unsplash

Here we have another item that is enjoyed by people of various cultures and ages. We love that you can go from casual to brunch to night-time with the same bangles.

A diamond encrusted bangle is definitely vulnerable to bearded girdle as it is worn on the arms. So, if you have a very active job or engage in very physical activities then it’s best that you take it off during these times and store it in a safe place, like a jewellery box or drawer.

Bangles are definitely a staple in our jewellery collection as they add some pizzazz and glamour to our look. They come in a variety of structures such as solid cylinder, split and cuff. 

They’re sometimes embellished with diamonds and other precious gems to add unique characteristics.


We should bear in mind that while your upper arms may not get as much action as the rest of your arms, you need to wear your armlets with care, nonetheless. Armlets are those one of a kind items that go well with some ceremonial moments and suit personal styles such as edgy, boho chic, sassy and elegant.  

To prevent bearded girdle, you can get into a routine of regular cleaning and inspecting of your jewellery. You may do this yourself or have it professionally done. By doing this, it will be easier to spot a loose prong or other settings with the stones. 

A bent setting also puts the diamond at risk. Isn’t it reassuring that you can “nip it in the bud” before it becomes a problem?


You adore fascinators because they’re a great alternative to a traditional hat, and a fun way to add sass and sophistication to your outfit. They’re definitely a conversation starter at weddings, special occasions at the racetrack, tea parties and cocktail parties. 

Some brides even use them to replace tiaras, especially the fascinators that are embellished with sparkling diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and other notable gemstones.

As you turn heads while strutting in your mesmerizing fascinator, remember that it can also be susceptible to bearded girdle. Storing it in a proper hat box when not in use will keep it out of harm’s way. 

In addition, keep the box in a dry, cool place and avoid rough brushes and other coarse materials when cleaning.

Final Comments

A diamond is a perfect example of how hard work precedes great rewards. It also goes to show that the work continues in that we have to consistently protect this precious stone. The girdle of a diamond needs to be consistently protected as it’s the most vulnerable area of the stone. 

Years of hitting it, bumping it or accidentally dropping it can eventually chip or fracture the diamond, which can negatively impact its clarity and structure.

The good news is that bearded girdles can be removed, but that will mean that the diamond will have to be recut. This is especially in the instance where there are heavy amounts of bearded girdle that can be seen with the naked eye. 

The value may be reduced after the process because of the lower carat weight but at least you will have a close to flawless diamond. 

Luckily, bearded girdles aren’t as common when compared to other flaws. These other flaws also have more negative effects on a diamond’s overall quality and performance than bearded girdles. 

We recommend that you purchase only certified diamonds from authorized and established sources. We also hope that you treat them like the treasures they are whenever you wear them.

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