Which Stone Is Considered A Mourning Gem

What Is Contemporary Memorial Jewelry?

Modern mourning jewelry usually refers to necklaces, bracelets, and rings that include tiny containers meant to store a tiny quantity of cremation ash due to the surge in popularity of cremation over burial. However, cremation jewelry comes in a wide variety of designs.

Modern mourning jewelry also includes pieces that have diamonds or jewels made with a little amount of cremation ash.

Even though cremation jewelry is becoming more and more common, bereaved people occasionally ask jewelers to create specially made memorial jewelry. These objects are not always formed of or include ash. Instead, they can be objects with a style that brings to mind a cherished memory.

You may decide on a cross or other religious symbols that serve as a reminder of the hereafter, for instance. Others could choose to have the deceased’s initials or a statement like “always in my heart” inscribed on a piece of jewelry.

Mourning Colour

During the Victorian era, mourning jewelry was most frequently made in the color black. For those who could afford it, jet was a particularly well-liked gemstone option. A fossilized organic gemstone known as jet is admired for its deep black hue and silky, waxy sheen. Hematite, black agate, black onyx, and obsidian (natural volcanic glass) were other highly well-liked stones.

Black glass was frequently used as a replacement for real black gemstones for individuals who could not afford them. Because it was so inexpensive and there weren’t many alternative black materials available for gem settings, black enamel was the standard for most mourning jewelry designs when it came to jewelry mountings.


However, as different colors had different connotations when it came to grieving, other colored fabrics may frequently also be employed. For instance, it was thought right to lament and honor a woman with white mourning jewelry when she passed away unmarried and virginal; in this instance, white enamel was frequently utilized. Pearls were frequently used and incorporated into jewelry to express grief over a child’s passing.

  • Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear quartz crystal is the most popular gem and also considered a very powerful healing crystal. It is often called the Light Bringer as it attracts positivity and blocks negativity. A clear mind, balanced crown chakra and stable emotions are just a few benefits of this crystal. 

Which is why individuals experiencing unstable emotions regarding the loss of their loved ones often use it to feel centred and replenish their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Its glacier-like appearance reminds you of clear skies and water which is in line with the properties it possesses. It not only has metaphysical properties but also physical, mental and emotional properties. 

All of these work together to help the individual as a whole as our systems are interconnected and rely on each other. Clear quartz can also be used to amplify other stones and energy.

  • Rhodonite Crystal

Rhodonite, a bright rose-red stone which symbolises love and compassion. It’s regarded as the charms of light, it clears away emotional wounds from the past and helps to nurture love. 

Healing properties that rhodonite possesses are grounding energy, balances yin-yang, helps to achieve one’s highest potential and healing emotional shock. This crystal is a go-to for persons feeling depressed from the loss of their loved ones.

It deals in acceptance and accepting the loss is the first step in mourning. You can not move forward with your future if you have not accepted your past. Wearing this crystal will aid in being able to push through the hurt and accept it. Rhodonite has a connection to the heart chakra which is where our ability to trust, love and to have compassion comes from.

  • Carnelian Crystal

The stone of courage, endurance, energy and motivation. Its fiery sunset colours symbolises warmth and joy. It balances the sacral chakra healing the mind, body and soul. If the loss has left you feeling afraid and like you’ve lost your voice and fire then carnelian is the perfect stone for you. 

It also helps to attract the energies of love and passion and success and prosperity. This crystal will give you the energy needed to move on. Emotional benefits of carnelian includes: helping to overcome depression, brings joy, banishes emotional negativity and promotes courage. 

Metaphysical properties include: helps overcome the fear of life, promotes courage during stressful situations and helps you to trust yourself and your intuition. 

  • Smoky Quartz Crystal

Smoky quartz helps with depression and helps to bring an emotional calm to a person’s spirit. It helps with the overall well-being of an individual by shedding negative energies and freeing emotional toxins so you can operate at a higher vibration within your mind, body and soul. 

It’s considered a grounding stone as it helps you to move on from difficult and painful experiences. 

In the Victorian era it was always worn in mourning jewellery. The meaning behind the crystal comes from its connection to the root chakra which when balanced gives a grounding effect to those who use it. 

It connects you to the energies of the earth while connecting you to a higher state of vibration guiding you to move from energies that hold you down or back. When you hold on to too much energy there isn’t any space for anything else. Smoky quartz crystal helps you to let go and allow for better.

  • Moonstone Crystal

Moonstone opens up your third eye as its energy is introspective and connects you to nature. The spiritual meaning behind the moonstone crystal reminds you that life goes through trials and flows. 

Moonstone cultivates empathy towards yourself and others, helps to tap into your intuition to see situations more clearly, and helps to balance your emotions. Regarded as the stone for new beginnings it promotes inner growth and invites restoration and motherly love.

It is widely considered to be the best healing gem for women enhancing their loyalty and attachment to their family. You activate the moonstone by placing the gem by the window over night to let the gem absorb the moon’s energies. Moonstone is also beneficial to men as it opens up their emotional side. 

  • Amethyst Crystal

If your favourite colour is purple this stone will be your absolute favourite. This is another gem that connects to the third eye and crown chakras. It’s a symbol of peace, cleansing and calming energy. The meaning behind the crystal is linked to serenity, understanding, trust and grace. 

The healing properties protect the wearer against negative energy, it soothes dreams by making the wearer more in tune with the divine, and also brings clarity and peacefulness to the waking mind. The colour of the stone is seen as a natural tranquilliser that blocks rage, manages fears, and calms anxiety.

Spiritually it can control evil thoughts, initiate wisdom and gives a greater feeling of understanding. It can help to channel happiness and positivity into the life of the individual who has just lost their loved one. 

Known as the ”All Purpose Stone”, purple is said to represent purity of spirit. You can use moonlight to charge your amethyst stone as that can help to recharge the individual’s energy.

  • Lepidolite stone

Widely referred to as a stone of transition, Lepidolite brings deep healing, gently introduces change, and reduces stress and depression. It aids in overcoming any emotional or mental dependency and includes independence and self-love and trust. It activates the throat, heart, third eye chakras, and intellect. 

To experience the effectiveness of the stone you can place them at the northern corners of your house or a particular room. Opal is another stone that you can pair with Lepidolite to enhance its effectiveness as the stone of transition. 

It’s perfect for any woman that needs to stabilise her emotions, soothe the heart from the loss of a loved one and boost dopamine levels to feel euphoric. Say goodbye to pms and mood swings as the vibrations from the crystal will awaken balance and a sense of optimism.

  • Pyrite Crystal

Known as the stone of energy, its physical healing properties build stamina and strength as it leans on masculine energy. Mentally it boosts confidence levels, and helps overcome fears; its metaphysical properties protect from negative energy and clear blockage from the sacral and solar plexus chakra. It’s known for protection, energy and healing, helps to heighten a sense of personal power and self-esteem and clears out negative energy.

Final Comments

As much about emotion and love as it is about sadness, mourning jewelry. Expensive jewelry was both a sign of riches and a wearing memorial to a loved one who had passed away. These cherished Victorian mementos have over time been lost in family collections, forgotten, discarded, or sold to dealers and collectors. The life and memories of the person being memorialized are all but disregarded in favor of a price tag and a statement about quality.

When collecting jewelry for funerals, it’s simple to distance yourself from the deeply personal nature of the object. Losses become standardized; a hair curl concealed by glass and enamel. Naturally, these items are revered for what they stand for, but the significant background and intimate relationship are gone.

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