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Diamonds are not just beautiful gem pieces used for making jewelries, they are also used for various industrial purposes, other than as Jewelries, due to their hardness and other properties they possess. They are by far the hardest physical substances known to man. Their hardness and strength is due to the carbon atoms in which they are composed of. Each of these carbon atoms are tied to four other carbon atoms and held together by a strong covalent bond. This is the reason they exist in a crystal structure. Meanwhile, covalent bond is a very strong chemical bond, only second to an ionic bond in strength.

Asides being a very hard substance, diamond is also a natural substance of high chemical and high thermal conductivity. This is why diamonds cannot easily be destroyed and cannot easily react with other chemical substance, and why they feel warm to touch, respectively. Due to the properties of diamonds stated above it is used for making cutting tools. 

Of all the diamonds mined and synthesized in the laboratory, only about 30% are used for making ornamental pieces and jewelries. The remaining 70% is used for various industrial purposes which includes for cutting, drilling, grinding, polishing and also as an abrasive. Many of these uses are due to the fact that the strength and hardness of diamond is relatively higher that that of other substances.


Glass has a strength of 6-7 on the mohs scale while diamond has strength of 10 on the same scale. This difference shows that diamond is way stronger than glass and hence DIAMONDS CAN CUT GLASS. This is following principles in physics and nature, that the stronger of any two materials over powers the weaker. Following that same principle, literally any material with a higher strength than glass as indicated by the Mohs scale can cut glass or at least scratch it. This means that substances like cubic zirconia, hardened steel, corundum, carborundum, moissanite and carbonado that have a higher value on the mohs scale may cut a diamond or at least scratch it.

While diamonds can conveniently cut glass, it is not advisable to try cutting glass with a  diamond at home. 

The diamond is made up of many parts, including the crown, the pavilion, the table, the culet, the facet and the girdle. The girdle is the middle portion of the diamond, which is also the widest. If you want to cut a glass with a diamond, the most reasonable part to use is the girdle, as it is a thin part and also located at the middle of the diamond. This is not advisable because the girdle is the weakest part of the diamond and using it to cut a hard substance such as glass may cause breakage to that part of the stone. When a part of diamond is broken (in this case, the girdle) it affects the integrity of the diamond cut. Hence, it is not advisable to take such risk with your diamond.


Diamond glass cutters are ideal for cutting any kind of glass. They are the best and most durable kinds of glass cutters. Diamond glass cutters are the best kinds of glass cutters for cutting precise dimensions. They are ideal for cutting glass of single might as well as those of double might.  They are tipped with diamond and mostly come with steel wheels for economic reasons. Other kinds of diamond glass cutters include: pencil glass cutters and pistol glass cutters. 


Pencil grip glass cutters come in light weight acrylic and brass body which are self lubricating. The acrylic offers the feel of a thick brass barrel while the brass has a more substantial feel, giving you more control of your score. Both the acrylic and the brass-bodied cutter have textures barrel that provides an improved grip while scoring.

Note: Scoring is the action of scratching glass to make it easier to fold while cutting.


While diamonds may be perfect for glass cutting, you do not want to use your expensive diamond jewelry piece to experiment whether or not this is true. Diamond glass cutters and not your diamond jewelries are to be used for diamond cutting. Even when your diamond glass cutters is used for cutting glass, the right technique must be followed. The following are steps and precautions to be taken,when cutting glass with diamond glass cutters:.

  • Before cutting, your safety glass must be worn to avoid cut glass particles from entering into your eyes.
  • Lubricate the cutter by adding 3-5 drops of cutter oil into the base of the cutter.
  • Make sure you are holding the cutter correctly by placing it between your first and second finger. Also, the cutting wheel should faces you. Position your thumb on the opposite side of the barrel.
  • Start your score at one edge and continue to the other edge.
  • Line up the cutting wheel with the intended score line applying equal pressure to the cutter as you pull it across the glass.
  • Keep your cutter to be consistent along the length of the score
  • After scoring the glass, gradually separate it using a plier over the score line.

Note: never score a line twice, as this would make you have uneven lines and would not give you precise cut.


Diamond’s ability to scratch and cut glass is a way a knowing which is fake and that which is original. To know if a diamond piece is original and not an imitation, a scratch test is carried out. This test is conducted by testing a supposed original diamond by scratching it with a glass.

 To carry out this test, try to scratch the stone on a piece of glass. A real diamond should scratch the glass. Stones that do not leave a scratch are definitely fake. This should be done with caution as the  diamond piece may chip or damage. 


Diamonds can scratch glass, and many other materials too.

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