A ring symbolises and could mean a lot of things to different women from devotion, covenant, promise for marriage, and promise for eternity, even as a token of love. A ring basically means you are committing to something. 

If you intend to buy a ring for your girlfriend, you must be sure that it is the best thing to do because it could either make your relationship better and stronger or jeopardise it. Your timing must be right and you also have to be sure it would be something she would want or at least be open to. 

If you are just starting out in a relationship, the advice is do not think about a ring just yet except you are absolutely sure it is what she would want. Why not try out other options like a necklace, bracelet, earrings or other forms of jewelry because a ring means you are in it for the long term and you are basically making a commitment that you do not intend to break in the nearest future. However, if the relationship has been on for a while and you both have gotten to know each other well enough to know that it’s time to take it to the next level or you both see a future together,  of course you can absolutely buy her a ring. This might not necessarily be an engagement ring could be a promise ring and if it is an engagement ring, watch out for hints that could mean she would gladly accept the ring.


Here are some hints to look out for before deciding to buy your girlfriend a ring:

  • Pick up hints that she might want to take things further in the relationship from conversations you have had with her like weather she sees herself in a serious relationship or married in the nearest future.
  • Try taking note of her reactions to rings on her friends, pictures or in proposal videos online.
  • Check with any of her close friends or siblings if it was something she would be open to. Trust me they usually know!

Rings also come in various shapes, sizes, quality and cost.  Different rings fit well in different situations. Buying her a very expensive ring with rare gem stones is simply saying “will you marry me?”  You might be tempted to do this especially if you have the money to buy it. Well if you do and you think she deserves it, go for it.

Now the question is: can I buy my girlfriend a ring? Absolutely 

Now that you have made the decision to buy her a ring there are a few things you should also get right. You do not want to get a ring and then mess things up because of little details that could ruin the perfect plan.

Make sure you buy the right ring size

Yes! It has to fit perfectly. You do not want to buy a ring that dances around her finger like a bracelet. If you must do it then it must fit perfectly. You can get her correct finger size by getting one of her rings and taking it to the Jeweler for sizing, ask her friends luckily she might have the same sizes with one of them or ask for their help in getting it, trust me you’ll have the ring size in no time. Another way is to try using a tread or tape rule, wrap it around her finger when she’s probably asleep and mark the length this would serve as your sample when going to the Jeweler.

Buy a ring that matches her fashion sense and lifestyle

You know the personality and lifestyle of your girlfriend best. Where does she spend her day, is she a fashion queen or a minimalist dresser? If she’s a fashion queen you want to go for a ring that is unique to her, probably expensive and high grade but if she’s a minimalist dresser you wouldn’t need to buy a very expensive ring, a ring that doesn’t draw so much attention something that shouldn’t make her uncomfortable. 

ring, diamond, jewelry
ring, diamond, jewelry

She could also be someone that works with her hands all day like a baker or chef then you might not need to buy huge stoned rings for her. Just get something nice that is not getting in the way of her work. Meanwhile, if she’s a management or office oriented kind of person you will want to get her a classy ring that suits her profile and also elegant enough to speak for its self at the work place “she’s taken!”

Pick the right place and time to give her the ring

You’re probably thinking, ‘is there a right time to give her a ring?’ Yes, there is. Timing and location can play a big role in determining whether she accepts the ring or not. The first thing you have to do is set the mood and atmosphere. You can do this by picking a good location for a hangout or dinner. Just make sure she is comfortable in that environment so she doesn’t freak out. Some ladies are comfortable with receiving a ring in public like a park or a mall or a huge restaurant while some are absolutely not comfortable doing that in crowded places. 

Also don’t present her rings in family functions unless it’s a relationship that has always involved the families and you both would be expected to get married at some point. Study your woman and make sure you do it in the right place and at the right time. Do not put her in positions where she would.

Give Her a Hint

Yeah! Give her a hint. I know you probably want to make it a surprise but how about you give her a tiny bit of hint before you spring up on her just so that she’s mentally prepared when something like that happens. You can achieve this by body language or even setting up your meet up or date environment in such a way that she can feel something is about to happen that way you can easily rule out all unwanted responses.

In conclusion

You can absolutely buy your girlfriend a ring for whatever purpose. Remember, the ring means you are going to another level of commitment with her. Do not buy a ring early on in the relationship. Make sure you are ready and you can perceive she is too. Buy the best fit type of ring for her based on who she is and what she likes. 

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