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How do I get my partner’s ring size without them knowing?

After you are sure your partner is the one and they are also ready to be with you, the next thing to think of is getting that perfect ring that would complement the big question: ‘will you marry me’? In purchasing the perfect engagement ring, the first thing to consider is the type of ring you want to get (based on what your partner would like and of course, your budget), after that, the next big thing to consider is the ring size. Yes, big thing- getting the right ring size for your partner is a big thing. Many folks get stuck at this point, some others even get it all wrong after trying, and that is why it’s a big thing.

Getting your partner’s ring size.

The best way to get your partner’s ring size is by asking them, but hey, where’s the thing with engagement being a surprise? Wait! How do you even intend asking them? “What’s up sweetheart, I think I’m going to propose to you in few days’ time, please do you mind telling me your ring size so I get the perfect fit for our engagement?”. No offense intended but that line sounded so unromantic. The most romantic way to get your partner’s ring size is without them knowing. Who cares about the best way when it is not romantic? I’m sure you would prefer being romantic than following the ‘best’, so bland method. So, how do you get to know my partner’s ring size without them knowing? You would learn that in the remaining parts of this article.

How do I get my partner’s ring size without them knowing?

You can try out any of these approaches:

  • Sneak up on them while they are sleeping

Slinking right? I know it is, but would you rather come off as that boring partner who asks for their partner’s ring size in 2021? No, I know you don’t. One ‘difficult’ way of knowing your partner’s ring size is to sneak up on them while they are sleeping, measure their finger with a plastic ring sizer or a ring sizing gauze. Make sure they are fast asleep- you don’t want to get caught.

  • Trying ‘borrowing’ their ring

You may want to ‘borrow’ a ring they wear on that finger if you can’t keep up with the stealth mode required for sneaking up on them while they are asleep. Now, I don’t mean the literal borrow (I don’t mean you should ask them to lend you their rings, that’s so easy a tip), I mean you should borrow-borrow – like, take it without their permission and return it when you’re done carrying out your mission. When you’ve got their ring, take note of the size by using a pen to trace it on a paper. You can also place the ring on a ring sizer downloaded to 100% scale from the internet. While at this, please note that a ring that fits on the fourth finger on the right hand may not fit the same finger on the other hand, this is because the dominant hand of an individual is slightly bigger than the other.

  • Play the subtle card

Another way to secretly know your partner’s ring size, is by being smart and subtle. One easy trick you can use is to buy a ring and tell your partner it is for a relative, ask them what they think about the ring, subtly get them to wear it and from there you’d know if you’d be going for a bigger or smaller size. Thank me later!

  • Ask for help from her friends- not the loosed lip friend though.

When you’re struggling with knowing your partner’s perfect ring size, their friends may come in handy. You can ask their friend to ask them their ring size in course of a conversation or maybe to go on ring shopping with them. This method works perfect, trust me.

  • Compare fingers while holding hands

When last did you hold hands with your partner and look into their eyes to tell them how much you love them? You might want to do that once more now you’re stuck with finding out their perfect ring size. This time, hold hand with them, look straight at their fourth finger and tell them how much you love them. While, you’re looking at the finger make sure you take note of the size.

  • Playfully ask them

You can know your partner’s ring size by playfully asking them. Playfully! You do not want them knowing about your plans.

  • Gift them a ring prior to that time.

This is an easy way to know the perfect ring size. Gift them a ring and from how the ring fits you’d know necessary adjustments to make.

  • Guess.

If you’re someone with ideas on ring sizes, you may accurately guess what your partner’s ring size may be.

measure finger size while asleep

What if after doing all these you still can’t figure your partner’s size?

If after trying to get your partner’s ring size you still can’t figure out what their size may be, here are some things you can try out.

  • Use a temporary engagement ring

Double-check your settings before publishing.A temporary engagement ring, otherwise known as a token ring or a placeholder ring may be used to propose and later replaced with a ring the perfect size. Also, this would enable your partner choose the kind of ring they like particularly and help you save money. Using these temporary engagement rings would save your time and stress resulting from effort put into finding your partner’s ring size without them knowing.

  • Propose with an obviously bigger size

You may contact a jeweler to give you advice on the biggest possible size your partner can use. With this, even if the ring doesn’t fit, it can always be resized. But while doing keep in mind that some rings cannot be resized.

Wishing you good luck on your search for a perfectly sized ring, as you’re preparing to pop the big question.

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