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What Can I Do With My Old Jewelry?

When faced with a disaster of any kind, it is always advised to look your best and that simply comes with being adorned in jewelry. 

So, go in your jewelry boxes or wherever you have them stored, choose one that matches your mood or a theme of your choice. 

Dangle them around your neck, your wrists, your arms, your thumbs, and any other body part that needs a little sparkle or a shower of shimmer. It takes no effort. 

While that is true, at some point you have parked the jewelry as they are now only symbolic of a former lover, a best friend, a former lifestyle or just overall reminiscent of some standing ovation moments. 

They lie away in some boxes under a bed, on the dresser, in the jacket pocket of a closet or somewhere your mind simply cannot remember. 

They have lost their appeal to the sight or the excitement that came with being worn- just like no longer having the immense desire of wearing your favourite jeans and sneakers all year long. 

It is not like they weren’t memorable and cannot become memorable once more. 

Well, here is a gem of thought- be jewelled…re jewelled… and relaunch those jewels as the new muse. It takes no effort. Literally. 

You might be wondering to yourself, “What does that even mean and how can I reuse my old jewelry, even though I have zero creativity in my bones?” 

Well, you have nothing to worry about as it’s not a task that requires you to turn water into wine. So, breathe, and watch yourself turn old jewelry into something profitable, fashionable, and memorable all from your own comfort.


Firstly, you rummage through your jewelry boxes or wherever you placed them for safe keeping; then you select the ones you want to use or rebrand. 

The conditions of the jewellery shouldn’t matter. For instance, if the jewelry has a few missing trinkets, has a crack, shows some discolouration or even a rust- all can be used. 

When choosing the ones you desire to reuse, it is always advised that you choose those that simply match your personal style and by doing so, it will end in a definite win for you. 

It’s said that another man’s garbage is another man’s treasure; and in this case, it is your treasure which brings forth new treasures. It is nothing for you to think about or even question. 

As mentioned in the paragraph above- everything will go smooth sailing. I am sure you have a necklace or a chain that has a broken pendant, or something is simply off about it. 

Well, here is something you can do to fix this. For example, if you are not about being highly innovative, then you replace the pendant or trinket with another. 

If you are, then you fix the broken pendant or trinket by adding old gems, beads, stones, or source any other materials from another jewellery, making it aseptically appealing. 

The jewelry will appear new and so will the pendent as it will now have a different colour, texture and feel. Similarly, just as how you have changed the pendant- you can change the necklace or the chain. 

However, it doesn’t need to be the same colour or identical in design. But if you decide to alter the colour, you can simply spray paint and leave it out to dry. 

Remember now, it all goes with your personal style. And with that said, you have a brand new statement piece of jewelry you can wear any and everywhere. I am sure of it.

If you make this a habit or a practise, then you will have new jewelry to re accessorise and be glammed with any outfits. It will definitely make you feel excited all over again-like when you are going on a date for the first time. 

I know this is something you can imagine as all this newness will not only bring attention but style and happiness and possibly money if you decide to sell the pieces you have made at a craft market or an art centre. 

So, always remember to morph your old jewels to make new ones as it is both economically profitable and fashionable. 


If you are a fashionista or fashionista, well, you are truly in luck if you have parked jewelry lying around the house. It is time to revamp your closet by simply adding a little bedazzlement on your clothes. 

For instance, you can create several new outfits by simply bejeweling a favourite clothing of yours; it can be on the hem, the seam, the neckline, the wrist, the waist, and basically anywhere you see befitting. How do you do this? 

Well, you do this by removing gems, quartz, rhinestones, a family heirloom, beads, shells, or even a pendant. Thereafter, you add it to the clothing by gluing, stitching, or by any other cohesive methods. 

This will undoubtedly make your outfits look refreshingly natty-whether it be modest, street style, modern, vogue, couture, casual, techy, or a nerd glam. 

If all goes well, this act of bedazzlement may possibly lead to a job and new clientele. If this happens, you can sell clothes online, from a physical store, or even a mobile store, and humbly collect some money at the end of it. So, you see, reusing jewelry has its perks and can be quite rewarding.

Also, you don’t need to keep this secret to yourself, share it with the world. 

Re jewelled, Be Jewelled, and Re Launch 

So, let us be honest here. We all know somebody… who knows somebody… who knows somebody…. who can get the job done. 

And in this case, you won’t need anybody-just you, your jewelry, and any other equipment. You might need the internet (YouTube) for a little inspiration or to reproduce something that you saw there with a splash of your own personality. 

And that’s if your sixth sense of creativity is not working at the time. If not, and you are anything like me, then here is the next knack on reinventing or reusing used jewelry. 

I simply enjoy personalizing my own things like books, bags, purses, or even a piece of furniture. I want you to know that I am the owner. I want you to know that if it goes missing that it belongs to me and where it should be returned. 

Branding miscellaneous things as a form of identity is quite chic and unique. So, if you are an avid reader, you can bejewel the cover or the spine of the text with some jewels whether broken or whole. It can be your initials, a pattern, a symbol, or a design of your choice.

Additionally, you can make studded book markers from the jewellery. However, ensure that the jewelry isn’t sharp or prickly as you don’t want to damage the pages of the text. 

Bags and purses have become our daily bread as we take them everywhere and they hold our lives together. As such, they wear and tear without you even realizing. 

And when you do, it becomes too late as you simply don’t have the money to replace one or the other. It is somewhat of an embarrassment or can be embarrassing. 

Be ashamed no more as your silver lining is here. Anywhere that seems to have a rip or a tear- band aid it with pieces of jewelry that you love. Don’t overcrowd the tears and rips with jewelry for it can be tacky. 

You are simply going for a look of sophistication-nothing horrid or overcrowded. Not only that, you can make a keychain out of the rubble of jewelry that you have and add them to the zipper of the bag. 

For example, you can use a ribbon and jewelry clamps to make the keychains or keyrings. You cannot only use them on your bags or purses, but you also use them on your keys especially if you have problems losing and finding items. 

I have done this, and I must say that it has worked wonders for me as I lose things quite easily. You can definitely use some of these knacks when trying to redesign your room and adding a little polish to the furniture. 

Who knew that you could have done so much with old, worn, or rusty jewellery?  Did you know it could have been this profitable, so enjoyable or that you can simply make a career out of it? 

I hope you were taking notes and highlighting all the innovative ways you can reuse old jewelry for they are quite advantageous. If you don’t remember all of them, we are here to your rescue. 

You don’t need to go anywhere else but to this article. Here are the knacks: you can reuse old jewelry to make new jewelry, to revamp your outfit or closet by having the old jewellery bedazzled on clothes, to label and brand items from books, to purse, to bag, to furniture, and to simply make a profit. 

We leave you with this gem of thought- make it shine, make it glitter for true creation and beauty comes from the heart of a jewel. 

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