Many people have their personal favorites, when it comes to gemstones. Some prefer diamonds because it is a girl’s best friend as well as the perfect gemstone for eternal love. Others love sapphires for their simple, yet striking, elegance, as well as the wisdom they are thought to signify. However, there are a select group of individuals who prefer emeralds above all else.

When you are an avid fan of the brilliant green precious stone (A.K.A. emeralds), there are a number of things you may be curious about. We’ve got you covered in this article.


Emeralds are precious stones, which are known for their remarkable green color. They are variants of beryl that are usually formed when molten magma cools (sometimes, they are connected to metamorphosed rocks – also known as schists – and granite pegmatites).

There are four different chemical elements that typically form emeralds, deep beneath the earth’s crust. They are: beryllium, oxygen, silicon and aluminum. The notable green color of the gemstone is as a result of other chemical elements (e.g. vanadium and chromium). The scarcity of all these elements – or rather, the fact that they do not always occur in the same place at the same time – is one of the reasons why emeralds are very rare. Another reason for this gemstone’s rarity is the fact that their formation process can take up to several millennia.

Despite this, emeralds are still some of the most popular gemstones in the world; which are typically associated with wealth, royalty and luxury. Their striking hue also suggests an indelible element of sophistication which only certain gemstones can deliver.



When we settle down to think about the reasons why some of our favorite gemstones are so popular, we often come across details that surprise us. For example, in the instance of tiger’s eye, Chinese folklore holds the belief that the gemstone (i.e. tiger’s eye) can protect its wearer against evil and danger. This belief is still prevalent today, and it is one of the reasons why tiger’s eye is purchased all across the world.

When it comes to unlocking the secret to the popularity of emeralds, there are similar secrets to be uncovered. Some of them include the following:

  • Emeralds are ancient stones

Emeralds have been sought after by humans for thousands of years. Records of the earliest mining of this precious gemstone dates back to 1500 BC, when it was first mined by the Ancient Egyptians. As with many cultures around the world, some practices stemmed from this discovery of emeralds in this part of the world – i.e. Ancient Egypt – including certain burial rites (some mummies were buried with emeralds, as the stone signifies eternal youth).

From a logical standpoint, considering the ancient history of emeralds, it makes sense for them to be as popular as they are today.

  • Emeralds are the birthstone of May

Birthstones are gems which represent certain months in the calendar. They are mainly assigned by the consensus of some gemology – and gemology related – associations, such as the Jewelers of America. In line with their decision, emeralds became the birthstones of May in the year 1912. And since then, the world has seen a notable increase in the purchase of the gemstone by those born in May (and their loved ones, who wish to gift them the gemstone or jewelry pieces made from it). One of the reasons for this is that people want to feel special, and they often enjoy exclusivity; nothing screams exclusivity like wearing an emerald because it is your birthstone. People born in other months simply cannot make the same claim.

  • Emeralds are rare

Still on the topic of exclusivity, and its appeal to human nature, the fact that emeralds are rare – they are said to be even rarer than diamonds – also drives up their popularity and renown in certain circles. Emeralds are some of the rarest and most expensive gemstones in the world, therefore people are bound to notice when they are worn.

  • Emeralds are a symbol of status

Due to their rarity, emeralds tend to be very expensive; particularly when they are of very high quality in terms of color, cut, carat and clarity. Such emeralds of extremely high quality, which have the perfect color, carat and cut, with very little inclusions are more highly desirable than other kinds of emeralds. Therefore, when people wear emerald pieces, they are typically assumed to be wealthy, or at least from a prestigious social strata. This is because the gemstone often signifies an undeniable degree of class, status, sophistication and perhaps, even royalty.

  • Emeralds are a symbol of status

Astrology plays a major role in the world we live in, a lot of people around the world hold to its beliefs in one way or another. According to astrologers emeralds are good talismans for zodiac signs Taurus, Cancer and Gemini.


It isn’t always easy to determine the financial worth of any gemstone (especially gemstones like emeralds which are both known to be soft and to contain a lot of inclusions typically). Regardless, there are four qualities to watch out for when trying to determine the worth of any kind of emerald. They are: the color, cut, clarity and carat.

In terms of color, emeralds with more intense luminous green color tend to sell at higher prices than lighter colored ones. Where cut is concerned, people tend to look for the right number of facets, angles and how light bounces through and off them. When it comes to clarity, emeralds with much less inclusions tend to sell at higher prices than pieces with a lot more of them.

An emerald’s carat refers to its weight and size. The size of 1 carat if emerald is typically 6.68×4.95×3.22mm. However, the price of one carat of emerald tends to depend on the quality of the gem. For this reason, one carat of emerald can be sold for as high as $100,000 or as little as $1.

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