How Should I Get My Finger Sized

How Should I Get My Finger Sized?

Rings come in different sizes, so it is very important to know your ring size and thus finger size before purchasing a ring so you wouldn’t be wasting money purchasing the wrong size or discomforting yourself wearing the wrong size. Some people do not consider knowing their ring size important as they assume the ring can always be resized or worn with some materials (like ring snuggies and spring inserts) that would make them fit. These are possible but it is important to note that not all ring types can be resized and using ring snuggies or spring inserts to wear your ring may not be as comfortable as wearing a ring of perfect fit. What if the ring is smaller? Practically, nothing may work. Also, knowing your ring sizes eases you of stress.

A perfect ring size is that which sits perfectly on the fingers without spinning, goes into the finger easily but comes off with slight difficulty and doesn’t cause discomfort. To get a ring of perfect size, the finger is to be sized accurately- this is possible through some very basic methods. These methods basically work with the principle of determining the circumference of the finger i.e. all things being equal, the size of a finger is the circumference of the finger (measured below the knuckle). Most fingers fall between sizes 5-8 (49-56mm). It is important to note that finger size changes due to conditions it is subjected to therefore before you measure your ring size, the following must be considered: 

  1. Time of the day: fingers shouldn’t be sized in the morning as they are most times smaller when we wake up in the morning, rather they should be sized in the middle of the day under normal conditions.
  • Activity level: your activity level can effect change on your finger size. Strenuous work like exercise can increase your finger size. Make sure you’re not stressed when you want to get your finger sized.
  • Temperature of environment: your finger size measurement is most accurate when taken at room temperature. Do make sure your body is not over-heated or very cold before measuring your finger size; when the body temperature becomes over heated, the fingers swell and when the body temperature is very low, the fingers shrink.
  • The type of ring: before measuring your finger size, consider the type of ring. Is it a wide ring or a narrow ring? If it is a wide ring you may want to add 0.25-0.5 to your result i.e. if your ring size is measured as 6.5, it would be best if you got a ring of size 6.75 or 7. This is because wider bands are less comfortable and are quite difficult to take on and off.
  • The hand you’re going to wear the ring: our finger sizes on both hands are slightly different- the more functional hand’s fingers are slightly bigger than that of the other hand. So, if you want to buy a ring for your fourth finger on your left hand, take the measurement on the fourth finger on your left hand, not just any fourth finger.
  • The spot to measure: the finger measurement should be taken below the knuckles as that is where the ring would be worn.
  • The knuckle size: knuckle sizes are classified based on how big they are relative to the other parts of the finger. Generally, there are three knuckle sizes: the medium, large and tapered knuckles. Most people have medium knuckles i.e. knuckles equal or almost equal in size to the base of the finger. The size of a finger with medium knuckle size can easily be determined, but if your knuckle is tapered or large it is best you visit a jeweler to measure your finger size.
  • Salt and alcohol: when the hands are put into alcohol or salt solutions, the finger tends to shrink. The finger should not be measured when put in salt or alcohol solutions.
get your finger sized

How to get your finger sized?

There are two ways you can get your finger sized: by visiting a jeweler or by doing it yourself.

  1. Visit a jeweler: 

This is the most reliable means of determining your finger size is by letting a professional jeweler do it for you. To tell the ring size, jewelers mostly use ring mandrels or ring sizers to determine the size of the finger. 

  1. Do it yourself

You can also measure your finger size by yourself by using any of the following methods: 

  1. Use a ring sizer: a ring sizer, also known as finger sizing guage is an inexpensive devices used for measuring the size of a ring. They are made from either metal or plastic. Ring sizers are calibrated in wholes and halves of millimeter. To size the finger using a finger sizing gauge, slide the gauge onto the finger, settling it after the knuckles (i.e. where the ring is to be worn) – try this with the different gauges until you get the gauge of best fit.
  2. Use a ring mandrel: A ring mandrel is a tapered tool made from aluminum, wood or plastic. They are relatively expensive devices used by jewelers for measuring finger sizes. You can also own your personal mandrel.
  3. Use a strip of paper with a ruler and a pen: to do this, wrap a strip of paper below your knuckles and mark the point where the ends of the paper meet with a pen and measure this with a ruler. Compare the measurement on a size chart to know your ring size.
  4. Using a dental floss or string with a marker and ruler: Use a dental floss or string in a similar fashion as with paper, but mark the ends with a marker, measure and compare against a ring size chart.
  1. Using an old ring: if you have an old ring that fit or perhaps a friends ring that fit perfectly, you can determine the size by placing it on a ring chart.

Take these measurements more than once if you want to get a perfect result, as our finger size may change. But how to do it secretly without your partner knowing?

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