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Jewelries are great gift items. The kind of jewelry you give depends on who you are gifting it to. Also, the culture of the community in which you find yourself should be considered before giving out jewelry as a gift. For instance, many cultures find it very inappropriate to give a ring to a girl, if you’re not ‘engaging’ her i.e. asking for her hands in marriage. Many other cultures see gifting rings or any other jewelry for that matter as an inappropriate casual gift, since they see it as ‘something associated with a deeper level of intimacy and commitment’. 

In a worker and more sophisticated society, gifting out a jewelry piece doesn’t necessarily define intimacy. You can give out any jewelry piece to any friend and they would appreciate it without placing any sentimental thoughts on it. While this is true, it is important to note that people’s level of wokeness differs in degree. Some people would still attach sentiments to certain kinds of jewelry they are gifted with. It is on this note that it is important to know the kind of jewelry to give out to a female friend if you do not want her to overthink it.

Necklaces are perfect gift items to give to a girl. Gifting a girl a necklace may pass as a romantic gesture. It can still be gifted on a friendship basis. Necklaces are better gift items than rings, if you do not want sentiment attached to it – or you do not want the gift over thought.


Before getting a gift for anyone, you must make sure it is something they will love and appreciate. If you want to buy a gift for a girl and you find out she loves necklaces,  then that is what you should buy for her – this should depend on the specifics of your relationship with her. Afterall, what is a gift without appreciation?

Apart from the acceptability and appreciability of your gift, there are many other things to bear in mind before buying a necklace for a girl.

  • Nature of relationship 

The first thing to consider before gifting a girl a necklace is the nature of your relationship with her. The kind of necklace you would give your fiance or spouse would differ from that you would be giving a platonic girlfriend. The difference between these two types of necklaces doesn’t necessarily have to be in the appearance, choice of metal (if it is a metallic necklace) or even in the price – although this may be considered but shouldn’t be the primary focus. The difference between these two may be in the packaging or the inscription on the pendant. A birthstone necklace or a necklace with a butterfly pendant or her name inscription are appropriate gift choices for a platonic friend. You may want to consider necklaces with inscriptions like, ‘I love you’, heart shape etc, if it is a gift to a girl you are in a romantic relationship with. Other necklaces that your lover would appreciate include:

– a necklace with your (you and her) initials

– an engraved bar necklace;

– or an infinity loop necklace

  • Length of relationship 

This might seem not to matter as we always talk about ‘love at first sight’. It is inappropriate to give a girl you just met a necklace as a gift. She might tag you as a desperate and overly thirsty person. Also, before you give a platonic friend a necklace as a gift, you must make sure y’all two have known each other for a considerable long period of time. This is to avoid awkward situations arising from her overthinking. 

  • Style and Personality of the girl

Before gifting anybody a clothing or clothing accessory it is very important that you are aware of their personal style. For your gift to be well appreciated, it is important to understand what fashion trends they vibe with. For instance, a girl whose fashion sense is summed up to the three words: ‘simple does it’, would appreciate a simple chain necklace more than she would a princess necklace or a multicolored stringed necklace. You might consider the princess necklace a better option, maybe because it is likely more expensive or it seems ‘fit for the occasion’, but it doesn’t matter when getting a necklace for a girl. All that matters is picking a type that suits her personality and style. Mind you, NOT what you feel should suit her.

  • Occasion 

Necklaces are perfect gifts for all occasions to a girl you love, whether casually or romantically. It can serve as a birthday present, an anniversary gift, a holiday gift or just a casual gift. The type of necklace you’d buy should greatly depend on the occasion. A fancy and relatively expensive necklace may be considered for a very special occasion e.g. a wedding anniversary. 

A necklace can also be presented to a girl as an engagement symbol, instead of the common engagement ring. As a matter of norm, a necklace you will be proposing to a girl with, has to be an expensive one. 

Also, you can also give a girl a necklace to apologise for your wrong doings.

  • Your financial status

While gifts are meant to be offered voluntarily, they are not meant to dig so deep into your pocket. Before you consider buying a necklace to give to someone, you must consider how much you have. You must never buy a gift that would require you to borrow. 

  • Financial status of your friend 

This might look not so important but, in some instances, thought is to be put into it. Some people like giving back when they are gifted. Some of these people may consider giving back a gift the equivalent value of the one they received.  If you have a friend like this, and you know she’s not particularly rich, it would be best if you buy a necklace for her that she can afford.


It is very okay to give a girl a ring. 

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