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Choosing the right necklace size for your girlfriend when you want to get her one is very important. The size of necklace you want to get for her should go with her physique as well as her taste and style. You do not want to flop the occasion by giving her an undersized or oversized necklace. Surely you’d want to gift her a necklace that she would appreciate – as it would suit her perfectly.


In this article you’ll learn about the perfect necklace size to gift your girlfriend. But before we do that it is important we learn of the different necklace sizes we have


Necklace sizes are measured in inches. Necklace sizes women wear are mostly between 14″ and 36″, while that of men are mostly between 18 and 24″

  • 14″ necklace: this type fits more like a choker. It wraps very close to the neck.
  • 16″ necklace: This size of necklace may look like a choker for plus size women, although for petite sized women, it will sit on the collarbone. This necklace size, for average bodied women will sit around the base of the neck.
  • 18″ Necklace: This size of necklace is very common. It is often used alongside pendants, making the pendant hang just over a crew neck. Size 18 or 18″ necklace falls just below the throat at the collarbone.
  • 20″ Necklace: This kind of necklace is often worn over a turtleneck. It is perfect for use with dresses having a low plunging neckline. This necklace size falls a few inches below the collarbone.
  • 22″ Necklace: This necklace size falls above or just at the bust/low neckline.
  • 24″ Necklace: size 24 necklace falls below all neckline.
  • 36″ Necklace: these necklace lengths are so long that they can be folded and worn to seem as though you are wearing two necklaces. Pearl’s and long neck-chains are the most common 36″ necklaces. When worn in full, this necklace hangs below the bust.


1. Her style

Your girlfriend verily has a style – most girls develop personal styles overtime. To know your girlfriend’s personal style it is very important you do a thorough background check. Watch out for the kinds of necklaces she wears.

Some women prefer wearability and comfort over flamboyance.

Also, take note of the kind of clothing she always wears as well as her hairdo. These things go a long way in determining the size of her jewelry.


Remember her style doesn’t just cover the kind of necklaces she wears but the size too. So to learn of this take note of the length of her necklaces from the ones she wears, her recent pictures, etc.

2. The width of her neck in relation to the kind of necklace you want to buy.

One very important thing you have to take note of before purchasing a necklace for your girlfriend is the width of her neck. If possible, take the the measurement of her neck before going on to purchase a necklace that would suit her, especially if you have a particular kind of necklace in mind. If you want to get a choker for her, add 2 inches to the measurement of her neck. For instance, if her neck is 14″, buy her a choker of 16″. If you wish to buy her a name necklace or a  pendant necklace, then 4 should be added to her neck measurement. I.e. If the measurement of her neck is 14 then, the size of the necklace should be 18″

3. The length of her neck

The length of her neck should also be considered while considering the length of necklace you are to buy. Short necklaces especially chokers should not be purchased if your girlfriend has a short neck. Chokers is best suited for women with long necks.

4. The size of her bust

The part of a necklace that catches the eyes the most is the neck drop- the part where the pendant falls if it is a pendant necklace. It is necessary to take note of the size of her bust before determining the size of necklace you want to purchase for her. If your girlfriend has a large burst, getting her a 22″ – 24″ necklace is not advisable. This is because the pendant of the necklace would sit just between her bosom and eyes (even innocent eyes) would be drawn to her breast and this might make her feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed. A shorter necklace that would sit high on her body would suit her best if she is highly endowed in the chest region. If your girlfriend has a small burst, a longer chain would look better on her.

5. Your girlfriend’s height

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a necklace for your girlfriend is her height. Tall women of heights 5′ 7″ and above can use any size of necklaces. If your girlfriend is of average height i.e. if her height is between 5′ 4″ to 5′ 7″, then you can get her a necklace of almost any length, although, getting her a necklace as long as 36″ may not be the best option. If your girlfriend’s height is below 5′ 4″, then a might want to streamline your options to necklaces of 16-20 inches, if you want her to look perfect in it.

6. Her shape of face.

There are commonly six different shapes of faces women have. Diamond, heart, triangle, oval, round and square shape are the different shapes of face women have. Not all lengths or types of necklaces can be used with some of these faces of shapes. The size and kind of necklace you get for her many go a long way to either accentuate or mask her strongest facial features. All other things being checked for, necklaces of different shapes and sizes can be worn by women of oval shapes. Short necklaces are not ideal for women with round faces, as it would accentuate the roundness of their face.

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