Jewelries are important accessories that compliment an individual’s dressing and overall attire. They are usually made from different types of materials which can be found, or sourced for, from different places across the world. Examples of jewelry include articles like rings, necklaces, bracelets, crowns, tiaras, chokers, studs, armbands and so many others.

Many of them are made from precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum, in conjunction with gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and many more. These types of jewelries, however, tend to be very expensive, because of the quality of the materials used in making them.


There are many different types of jewelry, which are used for many reasons. They may also signify or represent various things, in the spheres of cultural and societal values. Many of the different types of jewelry are usually made in different price ranges, which depend on the type of materials used in making them (i.e. how expensive and rare these materials are), as well as the targeted market customers or niche, for which they are made.

Examples of jewelry include the following:

  • Rings

A ring is a round article of jewelry that is usually in the form of a round band, which is oftentimes metal. Rings are typically worn on fingers, however, whenever they are meant for other parts of the body, it is usually indicated in their name (for instance, we have toe rings, earrings and others). They are meant to fit the part of the body, on which they are to be worn, in a snug manner. This is why other types of bands such as bracelets, which fit a person’s body loosely, are not considered as rings. In a lot of cases, rings are usually set with gemstones such as sapphires, diamonds, emeralds and so many more.

While rings are usually worn as fashion accessories, sometimes, this is not merely the case. In many instances, rings usually hold a lot of symbolism; particularly when it comes to details such as what they denote and the finger upon which they are worn. Sometimes, rings are used to signify a person’s marital status (particularly when they are worn on the fourth finger of a person’s left hand). At other times, they may be used to signify an individual’s high status or position of authority in a family or organization.

Also, rings may bear insignia or be used as a sort of insignia in order to seal wax letter or show that a particular letter or message is authentic.

  • Necklaces

A necklace is a type of jewelry or accessory that is usually worn around a person’s neck for the purpose of adorning them and complimenting their outfits. Necklaces can also be worn as a kind of fashion statement, in order to show status or a certain class.

Necklaces are usually made up of parts, which include a band or cord (or chain, in many cases), which is supposed to be wrapped around a person’s neck. In a lot of cases, these bands or chains are ideally made from precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. This is because these precious metals have a good reputation for being of very high quality, as they do not rust easily or react readily with other compounds and substances that can lead to their disintegration.

Pendants and other kinds of attachments are usually fixed to these bands, in order to adorn and beautify the necklace. Some of these attachments may be made of other metals. However, in some cases, gemstones and other pieces of ornaments are used.

One important thing to note about necklaces is the fact that they have been worn for thousands of years and have basically been a part of the human experience from the moment mankind started to fashion materials to use for beautifying themselves.

  • Earrings

Earrings are articles of jewelry that are usually fixed to the ear – they are usually detachable – by means of piercings in the earlobe or other parts of the external or outer ear. Earrings are important pieces of jewelry that have been worn for several thousands of years by different people from different cultures. They are used not only to adorn or beautify a person’s external appearance, but to signify other things of importance, such as the willingness of a slave to continue serving his master after his set time of freedom (i.e. in ancient, biblical, Hebrew culture).


Since jewelry has been such an important and constant part of many people’s life, in one way or another, it is not very surprising that a lot of research has been made into the psychology of jewelry and the people that wear them.

Such research has birthed a lot of information about jewelry personality types, as well as the personalities of those who wear particular types of jewelry.

For instance, according to psychology, individuals who wear small or simple articles of jewelry are usually very self-assured and stable. They also radiate an aura of stability because they do not feel the need to call attention to themselves.

Also, those who wear classically set jewelry – especially those that display extreme attention to detail – may actually be perfectionists. Additionally, people who are naturalistic in nature may show a marked preference for pieces of jewelry in which natural stones are set. They may also prefer to wear articles of jewelry made from natural fibers or wood, and these could signify their love of the outdoors. It is also possible that individuals that love old-fashioned jewelry pieces are actually free-spirited and creative, since their preference shows that they place a high value on uniqueness and individuality, without caring much about current, prevailing fashion trends or how they may be perceived by other people who may be more interested in those things (i.e. the current fashion trends).

While all these information are very interesting, it is also very fascinating to realize that something as simple as your choice of jewelry could go a long way in saying a lot about you.

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