Jewelries are pieces of fine material or decorative articles used to adorn the human body such as brooches, rings, bracelets, cuff links, earrings, necklaces and so on and so forth. Often times they are made of precious materials or gems; although less precious materials like glass and plastic are also utilized. The word jewelry itself originated from the root word jewel, which was adapted from the ancient French word “jouel” around the 13th century and in addition to that, to the Latin word “jocale” which means plaything.


Jewelries do not only serve as an adornment to human body they also play different roles in several cultures around the world. The history of jewelry is a lengthy one which dates back to several years with numerous uses amidst various societies and ways of life. It has not only endured for millennium years, it has also supplied us with several insights into the workings of old cultures. Jewelry has been used for diverse reasons. It is used as currency. It serves as an exhibit of wealth and riches. It is used as a method of storing money. It plays a functional role (like clasps, pins, as well as buckles). It is also a symbol (to signify membership or status).


Additionally, jewelry is used as a source of protection (in the form of amulets as well as magical wards), and artistic display.

At different points, majority of the cultures had a practice of saving great amounts of riches preserved in the form of jewelry. Wedding dowries were transported in the form of jewelry, or create jewelry as a method to store or display coins. Jewelry has also been used as a currency or trade of commodity.


In this day and age jewelries are timeless and priceless accessories for the following reasons:

  • They are essential accessories

Jewelries are basic, cardinal and also indispensable accessories. Ranging from hair pins to toe rings; they can be worn for special occasions like wedding and award ceremonies, birthday parties, graduations as well as anniversary dinner just to mention but a few. They make one appear elegant, stand out and adds class to one’s outfit and overall look.

  • They do not discriminate

Jewelry can suit any personality type. It doesn’t matter if you are quiet and reserved or out-going and bubbly, there is always a piece of jewelry that is perfect for you.

Jewelries are ideal for and look stunning on all body types along with skin tones, whether you are slender or chubby and fair skinned or dark skinned. It all boils down to whatever suits you as an individual and what you are comfortable putting on.

  • Jewelries are durable

Jewelries are timeless and last for a long period of time. They are not just products that lose their value or fizzle out of style soon after they are purchased. This is because they are not perishable. They can be worn for decades and even when you feel like they are old, there are a thousand and one classic jewelry styles to safeguard and guarantee that yours will not become peripheral. Quite basically, even when jewelry pieces are very old, usually, they still hold some value, as long as they are still in good condition. In instances like this, the settings can be converted and the pieces can be updated as well as remodeled. And if you get tired of wearing them or you feel that they have served their purpose, you can simply pass them on to the next generation instead of discarding them, if you so desire; and they can serve as a useful family treasure and heritage. Over and above that, the durability of jewelry depends on the exact pieces, the quality of their materials and their ability to retain or increase in worth.

  • Jewelries can be a good investment

If you are looking for what to invest in, investing in jewelries might be just the thing for you. Finance expert, Alister Clare from Credit Capital says, “Jewelry is not only used for decoration, but certain items can also serve as great investments and will hold their value indefinitely. A jewelry collection can be a great security fund.” She adds, “Buying jewelry investment pieces, especially the expensive ones, allows you to buy what you love. However you must ensure that you are buying from reputable sources.”

Over time, jewelries can increase in value and therefore double as an investment although, not all pieces of jewelry increase in worth.

Diamonds are highly regarded and are continuously in high demand in spite of fluctuations in the economy. Like gold, they have a very high demand, which guarantees that jewelry made from them retains its worth. Nevertheless, there are some colors of diamonds, whose worth are guaranteed to appreciate exceedingly over time. The art of trading diamonds is not as simple as ABC but it could become a lot less difficult so long as one continually takes advantage of all possibilities to liquidate the pieces in time of need and indeed make money on the investment in the future.

Gold is one known precious metal whose worth and usefulness is long term as well as unwavering. Like money, the worth of gold depends entirely on how well the economy is doing. Gold jewelries (bracelets, necklaces, rings) can simply be melted down to form bullion bars and can be made into new pieces. Gold ornaments will also consistently and perpetually be high in value.

  • Jewelries have sentimental worth

Even greater than monetary value, jewelries often holds sentimental value. This is why they are cherished and treasured. Additionally, jewelry pieces can be personalized. Different types of inscriptions can be made on them, which may range from names to initials and even customized messages and symbols. Also, jewelry pieces can symbolize special moments and seasons such as engagements, weddings, graduations and births in the lives of people.

These points and many others are some of the reasons why you may find yourself desiring more articles of jewelry; some of them are also things you may want to consider before deciding to purchase a good and resplendent jewelry piece.

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