What jewelry should I buy for my girlfriend?

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but there is so much more to the art of gifting jewelry than diamonds. There is a type of jewelry for every woman and every occasion.

Today we will dive into types of jewelry fitting for the amazing woman your girlfriend is. If you seek more insight on this topic then continue reading.

Why jewelry?

Gifting a woman any piece of jewelry identifies the willingness to commit in your relationship. Buying jewelry for your girlfriend should be considered on the basis that you’re ready to take the relationship to another level.

While there can be various time stamps on when it seems to be the right time to take your relationship to the next level, it really depends on the two who are involved.

In addition to that, jewelry can be extremely personal and should not be taken lightly. Choosing a piece of jewelry propels you to select something sentimental and unique to your girlfriend’s personality and that takes guts.

Who is your girlfriend?

There are many factors involved in choosing a piece of jewelry for your girlfriend. Her personality, her birth month, her style and interests, a specific sentiment, and occasion are just a few. It is also important if receiving gifts on a whole is her love language. It is a massive plus!

But let’s take this one step at a time.

Learning and understanding the type of person your girlfriend is makes choosing a type of jewelry much easier.

A cultured woman will appreciate classic jewelry that includes crystals, chandeliers or dangling earrings and even pearls. These are usually on the more expensive side as a cultured woman tends to have exquisite taste.

Classic jewelry does not mean old, but it does usually have an origin story behind the design. These types of jewelry can range from something as simple and elegant as a pearl set (earrings and necklace; or earring, necklace, and bracelet), or as lavish and gaudy as many layers of beads or dangling crystal earrings. 


She may also appreciate vintage jewelry that is usually as old as thirty years. Their designs are particular to their time period and unique to its type. Meaning some details of a1930’s earring may differ from a 1930’s necklace.

Another personality type is the meticulous or observant. A woman like this might appreciate a more modern contemporary jewelry type. On the basis that these types of people pay attention to detail will cause them to appreciate the design from perhaps a local jewelry artist.


However, this calls for extreme keenness on your part as well as it is recommended that you sit heavily on the sentimental value of the design as well. Take into account her favourite colour, or birth month, or most appreciated material for whichever type of jewelry you choose to give her.

A more precise type of woman may enjoy a new age type of jewelry. This type of jewelry is heavily based on religion and or spiritual beliefs. Depending on how passionate she is about a certain belief or religion you can choose to give a symbolic piece of jewelry.

You can choose to be as general as you can but still adhering to what she is keen on. Examples of this are: necklaces, bracelets (if she already wears bracelets), and earrings.

A valiant, sociable, or fearless woman may have an interest in fashion jewelry. These personality types are bold and don’t have difficulties during social intercourse.

This type of person may or may not care about how they look, but it is more likely that they will. Persons who are sociable are normally in the know and perhaps want to keep trending and or relevant whenever they are in public and dears to make new friends.

A fashion jewelry gift is a definite go to for this type of woman. Examples of these are: day to day jewelry type and are not really intended for special occasions but does add to the overall outfit she chooses to wear on a particular day.     

Gifting your girlfriend fashion jewelry will show her that you do take into consideration how she looks and also gives her insight that you’re taking into account her passion for fashion. It’s simple, but meaningful.

His and hers jewelry goes a long way too. This choice can be as general or as specific to something you both hold dear or are passionate about. If your personality type was mentioned earlier then this option could be perfect for you.

This means that your personality compliments your girlfriend’s and you both can share a piece of jewelry representing that.

There are a vast amount of examples you can derive your gift ideas from, but we will list a few from the personalities we talked about earlier in this article.

 If you are of Christian faith then matching cross necklaces or bible bracelets are a good idea to give her. If you love fashion, then matching bracelets and jewelry watches work too.

You also have the option of handmade jewelry where more detail can be implemented here. Perhaps half of a heart pendant with special engraves inside would take the cake.

The sky is really the limit when it comes to jewelry as it is a vast industry. There is no need to feel lost or overwhelmed about it, because if you feel clueless there is no shame in asking her too.

However, if you’re still uncertain as to what type of jewelry to give your girlfriend then you can consider the following: waiting for another occasion before you make a decision. Or you can try gifting one of the basic four: necklace, charm bracelet, earring, and a pendant, and should we repeat: asking her what she would like works wonders too!

These options are perfect for a relationship that is still new but has a collective agreement on investing money as well as you both look to become closer.

What’s the occasion?

We have dived a little into types of jewelry and who they might be fitting for. But it is also imperative that you identify the occasion for this type of gift.

Undoubtedly, a diamond or gemstone ring is fitting for a marriage proposal, but not for a birthday gift. What is recommended is to ensure that you do not give your partner mixed signals. A birthday gift still depends on who she is and who she means to you.

It also depends on the age as well. However, you are still important to the occasion as your gift can also be seen as a tool to communicate something beyond the day.

An affordable promise ring with her favourite colour or birth month gemstone tells her that you love her. It also tells her that you’re happy with where things are now but does intend on growing with her.

A gold diamond necklace for her birthday tells her that you are in this for the long run; money means nothing when it comes to her.

But there are other occasions other than birthdays, but the same idea remains. Other significant occasions include but are not limited to: anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, mother’s day, graduation, promotion, etc. The occasion can be used to reaffirm the relationship, turn into something greater, or can just be a token of your love and appreciation.

Jewelry choices for anniversaries include but are not limited to: infinity jewelry. Whether it be a necklace, a bracelet, or an earring; the idea of something continuously moving while intertwined with another emulates long term commitment.

An example of a mother’s day gift for your girlfriend, if she is a mom, can be a necklace with engraving on the pendant. You can choose to be as cliché as you desire or make it unique by choosing a pendant for the necklace in a different shape other than a heart.

If your girlfriend has graduated from college or high school, then a broach of excellence is a clever and detailed gift choice. For this you can choose to be creative and utilize the previously mentioned option of choosing handmade jewelry. The same idea can be used for a promotion as well.

Lastly, an example for Valentine’s Day could be a little of anything mentioned before as the idea of Valentine’s Day is to show love in a special way. Therefore, presentation is essential, which brings us to what we all can call the finishing touches.


It is one thing to get the perfect gift for your partner. But presentation gives the thought an extra kick to the occasion. Presentation can easily mean how you would go about gifting her gift, but it can also mean how you’d package the gift itself.

A decorated box filled with flowers (if she likes flowers), fake or real is simple but cute. This idea goes well with a small gift such as an earring or ring. Place the jewelry in a gift box to keep it secure and then in the decorative box. Add a small note or gift card and hand it or send it to your partner.

For bigger gifts like an entire set or an overall larger gift, a simple gift card with a flower of choice (if she likes flowers), fake or real is all you will need. An entire jewelry set would already be in its own box and would have cost you quite a tidy sum. So a sweet thought and a bit of your own touch would be the icing of the cake.

Take the time out to learn more about your girlfriend. When you do and you’re ready to show her that you want to give her the world, give her the best you can.

She’s going to love it!

Final comments:

There you have it! We sincerely hope that this information has added value to you as it is our pleasure to serve you.

If we have not added value to you but do know who this information will benefit, do not hesitate to share this article with them. They will be grateful to you.

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