Why do I love jewelry so much?

The love of anything materialistic, tangible, or man made can turn out to be awesome or horrible.  It all depends on the man and the reason.  

Big, shiny, expensive, and glamorous all describe jewelry. But other than it being a means by which it accentuates our unique looks, why love it this much?

We are going to explore other possibilities on this topic. If you are interested in exploring with us, continue reading.  


Self-worth is how an individual values themselves. It is their own opinion of themselves. Self worth is often confused with self esteem as self esteem includes external factors, while self worth is determined from within. 

Self-worth and self-esteem meets at a conjunction when failure from something happens and that individual then questions their self worth. 

As it relates to anything tangible or man made, anything costly is treated with respect and utmost care. Some people find spending a tidy sum of money as an investment that would continually be fuel for their wealth. 

While the idea of defining one’s self worth through ownership of expensive jewelry is arguably shallow; you might love jewelry because it makes you feel important and seen. 

When you do notice the attention you receive from wearing jewelry and how it might have brought attention to your societal status, this boosts your confidence tremendously. 

Additionally, jewelry that has positive notes on them boosting confidence can be a specific type of jewelry you might love. Simply because wearing something that tells you that you are amazing does indeed add to your self worth being worthy. These type of jewelry are called self worth jewelry or self esteem jewelry. 

Therefore, it is safe to say that if you feel that your self worth is little to nothing, then your hope has been laid heavily on wearing jewelry. 

Security in confidence, beauty, and femininity 


Self-confidence means that you trust your abilities, qualities and judgement. This gives you a sense of control over your life and does ultimately gives you great comfort. 

The complicated part of self confidence is that it requires you to know yourself. Therefore, once your know yourself then you know what you lack and need to feel a sense of wholeness.  

When we think of jewelry, immediately we think of the female sex. If you are a woman reading this then you might love jewelry because it accentuates your beauty and highlights your femininity. 

Not turning sights on those who might be suffering from low self confidence; finding a means by which you can confidently flaunt what being a female means to you can become addictive once you’ve found it. 

If wearing jewelry is that means then it can be almost addictive or euphoric. 

Associating shiny, glamorous, and dangling earrings with your bright smile might attract compliments such as ‘you have a beautiful smile.’ Or ‘These earrings really adds glow to your smile.’ 

This boosts your self confidence and encourages you to keep the element by which your beauty is added on. The more, the merrier. 

If you are a male then who is to say that the same doesn’t apply? Jewelry is also an accessory and may add a specific style to your preferred style for your outfits. It adds to your unique individuality and attracts the mate you may or may not seek. 


Obsession is a persistent preoccupation with an idea or feeling. It may also be defined as compelling motivation. 

Signs of obsession can be seen from someone with low self esteem, constant need of reassurance, excessive dwelling on something or someone. 

There are so many deep seated reasons why anyone would love jewelry to a point of obsession. And some might not even be able to tell the difference between obsession and love. 

Not to sound highly psychologically competent to bore you and all, but if you do find yourself unable to stop buying jewelry then you might be obsessed.

You may not be obsessed with the jewelry itself but what it represents or how it makes you feel. 

An obsession of jewelry can be derived from high sentimental value where the trauma of loss is never dealt with. 

For instance, your loved one had passed away and to perhaps you refuse to accept that this loved one has abandoned you. So the one necklace your loved one gave to you when they were alive became an avenue by which you can maintain the feeling of closeness with that loved one.

Another possibility of being obsessed with jewelry can be a futile attempt to build your low self esteem. It can be seen as futile because jewelry is an accessory. It accentuates what is already there. 

Until you feel within your own self that you are amazing, you will continue to buy jewelry adding on to another to make a complete set or ensuring you’re matching with your outfit will seem endless. 

In addition to this, someone who has been psychologically traumatized through mediums such as rejection might adorn themselves with jewelry to again attempt to show case that he or she is worth something. 

This person may also continually shop for jewelry to gift to persons he or she might want to be friends with.  Just because they can afford it and want to show the person that they are worth a lot, a gift is given they cannot refuse. 



In some countries and family traditions jewelry is used to represent culture and religion. There are persons who have a strong sense of obligation to stick to their roots and or honor their beliefs or religion in any way they can. 

If your culture utilizes jewelry as a significant representation then continually buying jewelry may be the result. Whether you love what jewelry use to represent or represent now, there is always something new in both perspectives to obtain and showcase. In this case loving jewelry so much has little to nothing to do with you. 

In some African tribes jewelry is literally the way of life. Their age, wealth, and marital status are represented by the type of jewelry they wear. A sense of order and lack of chaos emanates from this lifestyle don’t you think? 

There are people who do not practice this culture at all, but are almost enchanted by this method that they do seek out the same type of jewelry (which is normally beads) just as a means of collection. The love of what the jewelry represents drive that person to continuously shop for it. 


Self-expression is essentially the action by which one express themselves. This can be done through various ways, whether it is through words, drawings, or even cooking. 

Self expression can also be expressed through owning possessions that conveys their authentic selves. 

Jewelry is also a means by which a creative can express his or her self. 

There are multiple forms of expression. As a creative or artistic person loving jewelry can also be derived from how well jewelry expresses one’s personality, style, and or personal desires. 

This person might love buying jewelry to wear to express how they are feeling today when they wear it. Or a person might wear a type of jewelry highlighting their taste in fashion and style which is another aspect of personality. 

A fashionable person loves jewelry that matches their own creative and unique style. Style and fashion changes over time. It evolves and remains constant. Therefore buying jewelry all the time to match or accessorize your new outfit proves to be constant. 

If you are a creative, you might love jewelry so much because you are able to make jewelry that not only show case your personality as well but also influence the flow of creative juices. In this case the love for jewelry is passion linked. 

Vanity is vanity. Whether it is proven to be shallow and not a redeeming quality, it exists. A vain person can be defined as an excessively proud person who is overly concerned with their looks, qualities and what they own. 

In this case, a vain or a conceited person enjoys their own looks because they believe they look good. If you consider yourself to be a vain person and loves how jewelry looks not only on you but anything or anyone associated with you, then this is another possible reason why you’d love jewelry.  

You can also love gifting jewelry as an expression of love and adoration for someone. You love it because you feel it is the heights by which your appreciation and love is properly conveyed. 

Whether you are fashionable, vain, artistic, or just trying figure out who you are in all its entirety; jewelry can be used as a tool to express you.

At the end of the day loving jewelry can be good and bad but it all depends on the reason. What’s important is to maintain healthy love for materialistic things, not placing them at a greater love than yourself and others. 

Final comments 

There you have it. We have explored possible reasons why you might love jewelry. 

We do hope we have answered your question and have potentially highlighted things that you might not have considered. 

Do not hesitate to share this article with friends and family, they will appreciate the information. 

Thank you, we appreciate it.

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