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Where do Star Facets appear?

We wear jewellery to adorn and decorate ourselves, to complete an outfit and to show off our personal styles. We can take self-expression and beauty a bit further when we wear jewellery with gemstones. They have been included in jewellery making as far back as ancient civilizations. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and moissanites and other gems have the power to transform your look – you can go from simple to glam, from office chic to diva, and from everyday Joe to a who’s who. 

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They are used for fashion and as birthstones, engagement and wedding rings and gifts. In some cultures, certain gems are believed to boost your energy levels, alleviate pain, improve fertility, promote happiness or even ward off bad energy and evil spirits.

For the elite, fashionistas and admirers, items of jewellery with gemstones are a work of art. As for the gemologists, jewellers, gem cutters and jewellery enthusiasts however, there’s more that meets the eye. 

Yes, in their elegant simplicity, a gemstone can charm wearers and onlookers but there are certain elements that come together to make it a masterpiece. The details mainly refer to facets and cuts – details that can never be underestimated or overlooked.


1. What is a star facet?

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You may have heard about the 4Cs as it pertains to diamonds – clarity, carat, colour and cut. You may have also assumed that the clarity or the colour will determine the sparkle and brilliance. 

In actuality, the cut is what makes the diamond sparkle and come to life. The cut is more than just the shape of the gem – it describes the angles, symmetry, polish and dimensions.

There are three types of cuts – brilliant, step and mixed. If it is bling you seek, then the Brilliant Cut is your best bet. Diamond and other gemstones with shapes that fall under this category are designed to maximize the facets for the brightest sparkle. 

On the other hand, the Step Cut offers minimalistic beauty with a subtle gleam which is perfect for wearers who prefer a modest yet sophisticated look. The Mixed Cut offers the best of both worlds. If you find that the more sparkly diamonds suit you better, then you should thank the star facets in the Brilliant and Mixed Cuts.

Speaking of facets, take a good look at your diamond or any other gemstones. Do you notice those small flat surfaces that are of various shapes such as triangles? These are your facets. 

To the untrained eye these are beautiful patterns, but for experts these patterns are accurately cut and proportionally arranged to maximize the diamond’s ability to reflect light. The cuts decide how the diamond facets interact with light.

 From the top to bottom we have the following facets: table, star, kite, upper girdle and pavilion. Star facets are the adjoining triangles at the top of the diamond. If you draw a line around them you will end up with a star. Even though they tend to be smaller than the other facets, they are the stars as it pertains to light and reflection.

If you observe any of the shapes that fall under these cuts, you’ll notice that the Step Cut gems are the least sparkly. That’s because they don’t have star facets. Star facets, along with other facets at the crown of the diamond control the entry and exit light from the gem.

So, what do we wear if we want jewellery that’s scintillating, romantic and tasteful? Any jewellery item with clearly defined star facets, of course. Where do they appear? Check out these every day and special occasion jewellery items listed below:

2. Bracelet 

If you would like for your wrists to “freeze” while they glisten, then you may choose a diamond tennis bracelet in a prong setting with round shapes and an excellent cut. Bracelets with stones in the shape of teardrops or marquise will also give you that amazing sparkle. 

You may also opt for princess cut bracelets with ideal cuts for a look that whispers, “sophisticated”, “chic” and “spoiled.” Or you may prefer that the diamonds are in an open links design which shows off the entire shape of each stone.

Oval shaped gems in a prong setting and illusion bracelets with round shaped diamonds will also jazz you up.   

3. Ring

You can’t help but to be enchanted by the promise of love associated with rings, especially engagement and wedding rings. Furthermore, knowing that there is a cut and shape for every finger is satisfying.

The presence of star facets on round brilliant diamond rings is very prominent. It is for this reason that it’s one of the most popular diamond rings in the world.

Looking for a ring that makes a statement? Oval diamond rings come with shimmering facets that will give you the brilliance you desire.

For a more feminine and delicate glam may we direct your attention to the princess cut and cushion diamond rings? You get the sense that they were inspired by fairy-tale romance stories.

What can we say about the heart shaped diamond ring? It does speak for itself! Who can resist its charm?

4. Earrings

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Princess cut stud earrings may be your go to. When the light hits the diamonds, it will bounce off the facets and sparkle. These earrings may be the most versatile as they are perfect for everyday wear but are also able to glam up your look for formal occasions.

You will also be impressed by the variety of hoop earrings that feature star facets. The designs of hoops include, J-Hoop, huggie, large, XL, princess and marquise.

Dangle, chandelier and drop earrings are a must for any conversation regarding sparkling gemstones. You will be sure to turn some heads in these glitzy pieces. Simply looking at these earrings may psychologically whisk you to the lavish ballrooms and posh galas.

5. Necklace 

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Get ready for “oohs” and “ahhs” when you wear a necklace that puts the star facets to work. Star facets can be found on the simplest of necklaces to the most exquisite. Enjoy the sparkle when you wear necklaces such as pendant, choker, princess, collar, charm, opera, bib, matinee, lariat, multi-layered, negligee and rope. Yes, that’s quite an exhaustive list!

Most of these options are the epitome of luxury and poise, especially if the cuts are brilliant or mixed. If you don’t mind being the centre of attention, then you will not be disappointed by necklaces that are encrusted with gems.

6. Cufflink

If you are a classy man with expensive taste, then you will definitely appreciate diamond cufflinks. They can make a striking statement without overpowering the rest of your outfit.

Your cufflinks may be simple or one of a kind pieces that exude prestige, power and confidence. You will also love that the brilliant cut with star facets will enhance your overall image as a debonair and dapper gentleman.

7. Crown 

Members of royalty, beauty pageant queens and brides are certainly not shy when it comes to wearing diamond encrusted crowns and tiaras. Some of the most famous ones are The Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara worn by Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, the Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau worn by Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and The Cartier Halo Scroll Tiara worn by Princess Margaret and Kate Middleton. 

The latter contains over 700 brilliant cut diamonds! Can you imagine the glare and brightness from all those star facets?

8. Anklet

Bejewelled anklets also have the power to take your breath away. Some of these even have star facets so that you can complete your look with a little sparkle on your feet. Whether your look is casual, boho chic or formal, you can add some glint to give yourself a daintier appearance.

There are so many options to choose from such as charm, toe-ring, double strand, cuff, tennis, link, coin and rhinestone. You can be as modest or as bold as you please.

9. Belly Chain

Even your waistline and stomach can be adorned with some sparkle. Belly chains show off your playful and flirty side so you will probably fall in love with one that adds a new layer of sophistication. You can achieve this with diamond belly chains. They may also be what you need to boost your sex appeal.

A bezel set with a brilliant cut belly chain will definitely turn heads during your night out. Make use of dresses with sexy cuts so that you can show off your midriff.

10. Brooch

Here’s another awesome way to express yourself. Brooches are for girls and women of all ages. Throughout the centuries, people have used them to show some personality and style.

Bejewelled brooches too come in all sorts of designs such as flowers, Cupid, religious symbols, architecture, pets and hearts. Use them to be girly, stately or patriotic.

Final Comments:

Star facets not only reflect light and brilliance – they help to highlight our personal styles. 

They bring out the glamour and seduction out of diamonds and other gemstones, while allowing us to be refined and elegant. 

They also deserve to be credited for helping us to be captivated and enamoured by the beauty of a gemstone.

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