Should a bride wear a necklace? Yes, she definitely should if she likes to. Brides can wear necklaces on their wedding day but they can also choose not to. 

Necklaces are perfect choices for a modern day bride. They accentuate both the neckline of their wedding dress and neck too.

Many things should be considered before choosing whether or not you want you want to wear a necklace on your birthday. And if you do, the kind of necklace you should wear.


What a bride should consider before choosing whether or not to wear a necklace – and the kind of necklace to wear

  1. Consider the neckline of your dress.

Many kinds of wedding dresses are worn by brides on their special day. These wedding dresses range from simple ones to very elaborate ones. They differ in color, length, fitting, design etc. another difference that one can notice in different wedding gowns are their necklines. While one may be V-necked, another may be straight across and another square shaped. There are a handful of neckline selected for use in making wedding dresses. These necklines influence to a large extent the choice of a bride’s jewelry, especially her necklace. 

Your necklace should follow the neckline of your dress. Also, irrespective of the neckline your dress has, your necklace must sit on your skin. Your necklace must not sit on your wedding dress.

For V-necked wedding dresses, a choker or pendant would be best. Strapless dresses, like those having sweetheart, straight across and semi-sweet heart shaped neckline would be with a choker or a short necklace sitting on the collar. For these strapless gowns option, you may still wish to skip wearing a necklace. You may replace this necklace with a statement chandelier earring.

  1. Your hairstyle should also be considered

Your hairstyle also would go a long way in determining whether or not you’d be wearing a necklace with your wedding outfit.

Your choice of necklace should complement your hair-do. Your necklace and gemstones on their pendants (if any) should also complement your hair color.

  1. Do not over-accessorize – consider your other accessories

Whether you choose to believe it or not, ‘less is more’. When picking whether or not you should get a necklace, this should be at the back of your mind – less is more. No matter how tempting it is never wear a statement necklace with an elaborate tiara. 

If you have already chosen a statement jewelry accessory – maybe your hair accessory – then there is need to wear an elaborate necklace. Wearing two or more statement jewelries would make your entire outfit look loud and there would be so many things going on all at once. If you wish to wear a statement necklace, fine, wear it, but be sure you’d have to tone down on the ‘statement’ your hair accessory, earing, bangles etc. would be making.

Never over-accessories in your wedding dress. 

  1. Would you like to wear a necklace? Then wear one

Making the decision as to whether or not to wear a necklace should ultimately depend on you. Also the choice of necklace, if you decide to wear one should solely depend on you. This is because, you can adjust other accessories and design options to make sure they go well with a necklace (and also whatever style of necklace you so choose to wear).

For some people, the kind of necklace they wear on their wedding day is more important than every other clothing accessory they are wearing. If you are one of these persons then, you should choose other accessories using your necklace as a reference point and not the other way around. 

If you are one that isn’t comfortable with wearing necklaces, then you shouldn’t wear one. You should choose comfort over elaborateness on your special day. Wear whatever makes you comfortable! 

Ultimately, your wedding outfit should reflect the real you. You shouldn’t pick a necklace you don’t like simply because many other brides are using it. Go for the necklace you feel comfortable in, and if not it is best not to wear one. 

  1. The color of your dress

The color of your dress is another thing you should consider before picking the perfect necklace for your wedding dress, especially when considering the color of necklace you’d like. This should not be a problem as many wedding dresses are white, but then you may want to spice up you day. After all, there is no rule that says you must wear a white wedding dress.

A white gold necklace or a platinum one may be selected if your wedding dress is plain white. Silvery dresses go well with metals having a blue or greyish tone to it – so greyish necklace would go best. If you want to give a subtle feminine tone to your wedding dress by wearing a dress with pinky hue, then you may want to consider matching your dress with a rose-gold necklace. 

Pearl necklaces?

Pearls are ageless jewelry pieces. They always highlight elegance, simplicity, purity and class. Pearls are always good choices for use as jewelries. If you are someone that loves pearls and are thinking about using it for your wedding, then, great, use pearls. This is because pearls never go out of style. They will always stand out.

A pearl beaded necklace or a metal necklace with a simple pearl pendant may be used, if you so which. You may want to use the conventional white pearls or opt for any other color type that goes with your outfit. 

Pearls will go with any skin tone. They add light to your look. So, to add light to your looks, opt for pearls.


Whether or not you should wear a necklace on your wedding day shouldn’t be a problem or a thing of too much concern. The first and foremost concern is embedded in this question: ‘Do I want to wear a necklace on my wedding day?’ If your answer to this question is ‘yes’, that is when you should be considering the kind of necklace you’d be wearing on your special day. 

A bride should wear a necklace if she feels like.

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