Diamonds are gemstones which are formed when carbon is subjected to the action of tremendous amounts of pressure and heat over the course of several thousands, millions and even billions of earth. Many of the materials necessary for the formation of carbon are formed following a volcanic eruption – volcanic eruptions also provide the necessary physical conditions that facilitate the development of diamond crystals beneath the earth’s crust – which this is diamonds are usually found in areas of the world that have once experienced a volcanic eruptions. As far as gemstones go, diamonds are pretty rare.


Diamonds are very popular gemstones, perhaps the most popular amongst all of them globally. And this is because of a number of reasons. First of all, diamonds are very rare and can only be found in certain places around the world (only 35 countries, to be exact). They also happen to be the hardest material known on earth. Diamonds have remarkable high degrees of hardness, and unbelievable melting points. Thus, asides for their use in jewelry and ornament making, they are also used extensively in industries such as mining and drilling. In these fields, diamonds are often utilized in tools such as drills which cut and dig deep into the earth in order to uncover many different kinds of natural resources.

Also, because diamonds are the hardest known material on earth, they happen to be the only substance capable of cutting, shaping and polishing other diamonds.

Aside from this, their usage in the world of jewelry and ornament making deserves more than a passing nod. Diamonds practically dominate these industries because there is quite a lot of history and sentimental value attached to them. Being the hardest known substance – and therefore, the hardest known gemstone, as well as one of the shiniest when properly polished – diamonds are often used to symbolize persistent and abiding love; a forever kind of love, basically, since diamonds are resistant to all forms of damage and will therefore last forever.



Diamonds can only be found in 35 countries around the world. And even within these countries, these special gemstones (diamonds) can only be mined in specific areas. Transparent or white diamonds are the most popular kinds of diamonds, and they also happen to be the most common types.

Diamonds occur in many different colors which include blue, yellow, brown, orange, violet, black, green and red (amongst others). However, diamonds of other colors are not as common as those that are transparent or white, therefore these kinds of diamonds can only be found in very specific areas of the world; particularly areas where there have been notable volcanic and tectonic activity (which result in the necessary heat and pressure levels, which are required to form diamonds), and places where there are placer deposits.

Countries where diamonds can be found include the following:

  • The Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo or DRC is ranked as the fourth highest producer of diamonds globally. In the year 2020 alone, this country’s diamond output was estimated to be around 12.7 million carats (this value is significantly lower than the value recorded in 2019 by 10.6 percent).

  • Brazil

The quantity of diamonds produced in Brazil annually contribute less than 1 percent of the global diamond output, however, the diamond mines in this country are noted for producing some of the most remarkable diamond pieces every discovered in the world. Brazil is also famous for producing different fancy colors of diamonds apart from the conventional white or colorless diamonds.

In this country, a lot of diamonds produced are usually uncovered by independent miners – who are known as garimpeiros – in riverbeds, within compacted sedimentary conglomerates and unconsolidated sediments. Many of these independent miners use simple tools and they work on their own or in small groups. Some of them can be found in areas such as Estrela do Sol, Coromandel, Tiros and Carmo do Paranaiba districts.

  • The United States of America

While the United States of America uses a lot of diamonds domestically, it is not a large producer of this precious gemstone (i.e. diamond). This is because there is only one diamond mine in the entire country, which is still active; and which is the Crater of Diamonds Mine in Arkansas.

  • Australia

Australia is not just a country, it is an entire continent. The Argyle Mine in the East Kimberly parts of Western Australia is the continent’s most economical – and greatest – diamond deposit, in terms of volume. The Argyle Mine began production in the 1980s. However, it was the most successful mine in the world, for a while.

  • South Africa

The Finch mine in South Africa is one of the most successful diamond mines known in the world. Between the years 1981 and 1991, around 5 million carats of diamonds were mined from it annually.

In 2020, the quantity of diamonds produced in South Africa was estimated to be around 8.5 million carats, which was a marked increase of 18.1 percent over the diamond production (in the mine) for 2019. This outstanding diamond production level is one of the reasons why South Africa is currently ranked as the sixth highest producer of diamond in terms of volume (of output).



Normally, diamonds are often discovered by people who work in mines that happen to be owned by other people (and some mines operate on a system whereby a worker’s pay can be dependent on the volume of gemstones he stumbles upon and reports in, while working).

However, sometimes people stumble upon diamonds on their own, while mining for themselves on their own or in groups. When these people happen to live in villages around diamonds settlements such as Estrela do Sol, Coromandel, Tiros and Carmo do Paranaiba districts, they can also be considered as villagers who sell diamonds.

However, in the world of Minecraft, armorer villagers are the kinds of villagers that sell diamonds.

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