Gemstones are precious stones which are used for many purposes, particularly within the jewelry and ornamental industry. Gemstones may fall into the category of precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds; which are very expensive, rare and valuable stones. They may also fall into the categories of semi-precious stones such as Lapis lazuli, turquoise, jade and so on. Each of which has their own cultural significance and myths attached to them. Some of these stones have certain symbolic meanings associated with them and many of them have even been made birthstones.


Gemstones have been known to symbolize a great many things, from courage to love, passion and even inspiration. While it is unclear exactly how these stones came to acquire these meanings, culture and beliefs are important aspects of history which cannot be ignored, particularly in this light.

A lot of gemstones have been ascribed different meanings and sentiments over the years. Diamonds, for instance, have been touted as the mascot stones for fairytale ending and happily-ever-after, because diamonds last forever; and they also happen to be the hardest materials known on earth.


Similarly, garnets – which have been made the birthstones for January – are generally regarded as being able to protect its wearer against forces in nature such as lightning and storms. It is also said that when danger is approaching its wearer – or when its wearer is heading into danger – garnets are able to give a forewarning by turning pale.

Much in the same vein, amethyst – which is the violet form of quartz rock – has its own cultural and traditional beliefs tied to it. To the layman, amethyst is just another gemstone which can be found in specific areas of the world (much like other gemstone); particularly in Brazil, where it can be found in large deposits (interestingly enough, it was around the time when large deposits of amethyst was found in Brazil that people began to regard it – amethyst – as a semi-precious stone, seeing as it was no longer as rare as it used to be). However, certain beliefs claim that this violet gemstone can protect its wearer from drunkenness. Scientifically, however, such claims remain unfounded to this day.


Gemstones have been in existence for several hundred thousand, millions and perhaps billions of years. And like many old things, they have their own fair share of beliefs, sentiments, traditions and superstitions attached to them. Many of these beliefs are scientifically unfounded – and have been for quite some time – however, they still persist till this day; perhaps, because they might actually hold true for some people. But no matter the case, some of those beliefs, sentiments, traditions and superstitions have to do with true love; or more precisely, the act of attracting it.

There are some gemstones which are said to be able to attract true love to their wearer, and they include the following:

  • Rubies

Rubies are a type of precious gemstones whose value depends on the intensity of their distinct red color. Perhaps this distinct red color is one of the reasons why rubies are generally seen as the go-to gemstones for symbolizing love and passion (or passionate love).

In ancient times, rubies were given as gifts between married couples on their wedding (or given as gifts to married couples by their guests) because of this generalized idea of what they symbolize (i.e. passion and love). Some people believe that this gemstone brings about these feelings by balancing the heart and encouraging excitement, while also eradicating negativity. Because of this rep, lovers, spouses and those in any kind of romantic partnerships have been known to exchange gifts of rubies for millennia.

  • Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a gemstone which is generally known as the stone of “unconditional love.” According to experts on the subject, rose quartz is a particularly special kind of gemstone that attracts true love to a person by opening their heart and encouraging – and even inspiring self-love – while also attracting true love and renewing romantic love.

  • Emerald

For thousands of years, emeralds have held a kind of allure among precious stones because of its uniquely intense deep green color. As a matter of fact, many people have waxed poetic about emeralds since the existence of time, and some have even likened deep green color to green flames. It is perhaps, no wonder at all that emeralds also are believed to being about another type of love, which some people dub the “successful love.” Apparently, emeralds have been known to bring about – and encourage – loyalty and domestic bliss. They have also been said to inspire unconditional love and unity, which make domestic bliss possible.

  • Turquoise

This wonderful gemstone is often said to inspire healing, solace and protection to the mind, body and soul. Consequently, when these things – healing, solace and protection – come into place in a person’s life, they are more likely to develop a high level of security and contentment with themselves; what this means with married couples is that there will be less of an inclination to cheat. This is why ultimately, turquoise is said to inspire fidelity in relationships, even while it brings about romantic love.

  • Carnelian

This particular gemstone is said to address a different type of love apart from the romantic type; carnelians are believed to help heal the relationship between a parent and a child. Apparently, it helps the wearers renew, restore and forge better relationships with their parents and children.

  • Diamond

Diamonds are regarded as the chief gemstone when it comes to matters of the heart. After all, they do happen to be the hardest known material on earth as well as the most resistant to…well, everything (except another diamond). As a matter of fact, the only thing that can be used to break a diamond is another diamond. However, diamonds are forever, and because of this fact, they have been said – and used repeatedly over the years – to symbolize the strongest and most abiding types of love. Apparently, some people claim that they also attract it (i.e. the strongest and most abiding types of love).

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