Jewelries are very popular clothing accessories used by girls. Some girls wear them on a daily basis as an additional clothing piece. Girls in virtually all races and nations, religious and cultural inclinations wear jewelries. 

There are so many reasons why they wear jewelries, although the most common reason many girls wear these beautiful pieces is to beautify themselves. This is why the most common definition you’d get off the web or in a dictionary always highlights that jewelries are ornaments or decorative items or any other word that connotes beautifying.  

Some girls attach great importance to their jewelries as part of their entire outfit, such that they feel they are not completely dressed without jewelries.

Below are few reasons why girls wear jewelries, starting with the most popular reason: For personal adornment

For personal adornment

Girls wear different kinds of jewelries on different parts of their body to adorn themselves. All jewelries fall under this category. While some people may wear some specific jewelries on a specific part of their body to pass on a subtle message, most people wearing similar jewelries on the same part of their bodies do so simply because they wish to adorn and beautify themselves. 

Starting with common jewelries like necklaces, wristwatches, bracelets, rings and earrings to less common ones like waist chains/beads, arm chains, body chains, anklets, piercing rings, brooches and others, all jewelries can be used for this singular reason – personal adornment.

To signify social status

Girls with high social status may wear specific jewelry pieces to show the same. Jewelry pieces are always very expensive. Not only that they are expensive, they also look expensive. In many cases, jewelries made with gold and/or diamonds are worn by girls of high social status, although jewelries made from other materials may be worn for the same reason. 

With the increasing popularity of luxury jewelries, more and more wealthy girls and women are building a great collection of jewelries to highlight their societal status. Many of these lavish jewelries come with expensive precious stones.

A popular girl who has shown the world that she is really boxed up is Kylie Jenner. She has been caught on camera wearing gold chains and rings, diamond rings, dangling diamond earrings, gold lariat necklaces, diamond collar necklaces, and many other expensive jewelry pieces at different points in time.

To serve certain functionalities

Certain jewelry pieces may be so much more than just decorative pieces; they may serve certain important functions. These functions they serve are so inexhaustible. For instance, brooches are more than decorative jewelries they are used to fasten clothes together. Hairpins may be used to hold the hair in place, to allow for convenience. Cufflinks serve the functions of keeping the cuffs of shirts in place. 

A belt buckle which is used for fastening a belt and holding jewelry in place may pass for jewelry. Even the breastplate used by soldiers in time past to protect themselves from injury are jewelries.

Of all the jewelries listed those commonly used by girls are the brooches, hairpins and sometimes cufflinks and belt buckles.

To signify religious or social affiliations or to show signs of connections to certain social sects.

Some girls may wear certain jewelry pieces to show their connection to certain, religious or ethnic inclinations. Girls that belong to a social group or sect may also wear certain jewelries to indicate their belonging.

Indian girls, especially the ones practicing Hinduism wear certain kinds of jewelries. They wear these along with their outfits to show their religious inclinations. Catholic girls too wear certain necklaces and pendants that highlight their religion. 

It is also a practice among contemporary Christians (although not a popular practice) to put on pendant having a sign of the cross (the crucifix). Jewish girls too put on pendants with the Star of David.

It is believed that some girls that are lesbians put on anklets on their left legs to show that they are lesbians and thus attract other lesbians.

To show their style and personality

One logical reasons why girls wear jewelries particular kind of jewelries, is to show off their personalities. For instance, a very active and bubbly girl may wear a large jewelry such as an extravagant ring or a dangling necklace. Classy girls may prefer simple and elegant jewelries. 

A very coordinated girl tends to wear matching sets of pieces of jewelry. A trendsetter would wear prefer bold jewelries like a statement necklace or a chandelier earring. Active people tend to wear on-the-go jewelries.


To boost confidence

Jewelries generally tend to build the confidence of the girl(s) wearing them, especially if they have an emotional attachment to them. Also, symbolic jewelries also have a way of building the confidence of whoever is wearing. This is because it makes them feel more positive.

When you wear expensive jewelries, jewelries that match your look or those that are in trend (if you’re a trend-loving person) then you’d definitely feel very confident in them.

To ACCESSORISE for special occasions

Girls wear different kinds of jewelries on different occasions. The jewelry piece a girl would wear for a holiday party would differ from one worn to a bridal shower, baby shower, and a funeral or job interview.

The choice of a girl’s jewelries for a particular event is dependent on many factors. For instance, a less formal event wouldn’t require a statement piece. Also a formal jewelry piece such as a pearl necklace is not required for such event. Other factors that determine a girl’s choice of jewelry to an event include: the venue, the dress code, the kind of event, weather.

Girls generally wear jewelries to accentuate their femininity

Jewelries are a symbol of femininity, especially when worn by a girl or woman.  They make girls feel confident and beautiful. They add to a girl’s natural beauty.

In conclusion

Girls generally wear jewelries for different reasons. These reasons may be which may be generic (e.g. to accentuate their femininity) or specific (e.g. to show connections with specific social groups). Whatever be the reason why you wear a piece of jewelry, make sure you feel confident in them.

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