Diamonds are precious stones consisting of a clear and colorless crystalline form of pure carbon. They are the only gemstone made up of just one element -pure carbon. Diamonds are known as the world’s most beloved and popular gemstone of all. Approximately, diamonds are formed 100 miles below the earth’s surface and by volcanic activity are conveyed to the surface. They are known to be the earth’s hardest natural substance; as only a diamond can cut another diamond. The word diamond is from a Greek word “Adamas” which means indestructible or invincible.


Nowadays, diamonds have been discovered or spotted in numerous countries of the world, but merely about 30 percent of diamonds quarried across the globe are gem quality. Records have stated that the United States, China and India are the world’s largest diamond market; although, amongst these three, the United States is recorded as the largest consumer.

Diamonds can be found in every single color of the rainbow. Rare natural diamonds include: blue, green, orange. However, the rarest and most expensive diamond is the red diamond (with simply about twenty to thirty existing in the entire world and it is worth is about one million dollars per carat).

Diamonds are known to be associated with wealth, luxury and opulence. Among every gemstone they have the most magnificent and elegant mien. It is no wonder why they are said to be every woman’s first love or weakness, and what’s there not to like? These ageless stones are completely stunning and show a great level of fine art that is appreciated by many. Either you want to get one for yourself or gift it to a dearest one, either way it leaves its recipient thrilled or ecstatic.



Putting on diamonds may instantaneously make one appear resplendent and scintillating but some people might not know that this spectacular stone possesses several numerous benefits. Asides from upgrading one’s outfit or making one appear fashionably sophisticated and prosperous-looking, diamond jewelries are renowned for diverse innumerable health, social as well as astrological benefits.

The following are some of the reasons why we wear diamonds:

  • Elegance and beauty

Beauty and elegance definitely have to be the primary reason why we wear diamonds. Diamonds are indisputably elegant and beautiful. Their distinct and quite exceptional brilliance makes them stand out and outshines every other gemstone. They have the power to turn a simple look or outfit into a classy one. To achieve a graceful look or exude class the timeless crystal beauty is the one jewel to use, this is because is the surest gemstone that is bound to compliment your outfit and instantaneously give that breathtaking and exquisite effect many wish for.

  • Spiritual assistance

In astrology, it is believed that diamonds have spiritual benefits of strength and protection. Diamonds are said to be blessed by divine powers and influence of the planet Venus; the ruling planet for the gemstone. Astrologers believe that wearing diamond(s) can attract luck or fortune, luxury and other fancy or alluring things of life. They believe that this gemstone encourages the wearer to seek spiritual knowledge and encounter spiritual pleasure.

Basically, diamonds are believed to aid their wearer in the fighting against enemies and warding off of evil supernatural beings (along with negative aura).

  • Good health

Beyond making us look good, diamonds offer various health benefits. According to medical astrology, diamonds can assist in curing disorders of the eyes, throat, kidney, bladder, digestive system, reproductive system and skin, along with ailments such as diabetes among others. They are also immensely advantageous to a married couple as they aid – and enhance – sexual endurance.

  • Investment

Diamonds are fine assets. It is an incontestable fact that diamonds are one of the most priced and valuable stones. They are sold at an exceedingly exorbitant price and when an individual purchases one he/she is actually investing. Diamonds can be sold for nearly the same priced that it was purchased based upon certain attributes like quality and rarity.

Asides this, diamonds are long-lasting, indestructible and sturdy. Based on the fact that it is the toughest mineral known to mankind, it is nearly impossible to scratch or break it by accident, as only a diamond can cut another diamond. These magnificent attributes and distinct qualities make diamonds a solid financial investment.

  • To build confidence

Diamonds have a special way of boosting or improving an individual’s confidence. This is because they exude wealth and class.

Diamond is a gemstone that is popularly connected with opulence and class. This is one of the reason why wearing accessories made from diamonds can eliminate the wearer’s inferiority complex (if they suffer from it). It empowers an individual to boldly face their challenges, even as it fosters inner serenity and holds the power to arouse a state of bliss. Since they will never go out of style, diamonds will always be a plus to any individual’s allure and charm.

  • Diamonds are significant

Diamond is one gemstone that symbolizes the idea of forever in any relationship. This is possibly one of the vital benefits of diamonds that is backed up by some cultural beliefs and meaning. Therefore, diamonds serve as a perfect gift for a significant other or someone genuinely cherished (as they symbolize eternal love). Giving someone a diamond accessory can be a benevolent and sweet deed which will also boost your relationship.

  • They come in adaptable styles and patterns.

Diamonds can be adapted to any style or pattern. They can come in different shapes and sizes. They look good in every accessory ranging from rings to earrings to necklaces and bracelets. When you decide to get a diamond pendant for a dear one or propose to your heartthrob with a dazzling diamond ring, you can make your pick from the vast range of colors, cuts and designs. Thanks to the transparent hue of diamond they can be paired and used as a compliment with any other jewel or accessory.

  • They are fashioned for any function.

Diamonds are not only ideal for special events. In this day and age, they can be incorporated into a person’s everyday style. Any jewelry made of diamond can easily serve as a great complement to any kind of outfit; it heightens as well as highlights the look of any formal clothing, because it comes in versatile designs. Therefore, any diamond jewelry an individual puts on will not only improve the individual’s overall look but will also make the individual look enchanting to their beholders.

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