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Where Do You Store Expensive Jewelry?

Your jewelry is a perfect add on to compliment and complete your look. Though they are small and delicate belongings, they make a big impact. 

Purchasing long lasting luxurious jewelry can be quite expensive. So jewelry can really be considered as a big investment. Being that it is a big investment means that you need to be very deliberate in the way that you store and in turn take care of them. 

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The more effort that you put in protecting your jewelry the longer they will last, and the longer they last is the more you get for the money that you invested in them.  

There are several things that should be considered and ways in which we can store and organize our jewelry so that they don’t get tarnished or break. So we will explore some of these. 

What goes where? 

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It is important to note that when you are storing your expensive jewelry, there are some key things to take note of about where certain pieces should or should not be stored. 

You must firstly ensure that you know the correct materials that make up each of your pieces. This is what will help you to determine what type of storage would be best for the jewelry. 

It is always safe to store jewelry that was made from the same material together, this way they do not get ruined by another type of material. For example, silver items tarnish very easily so it is always suggested that those pieces are kept away from your other pieces. 

Another thing to note is that some materials also get affected by the temperature of the room where it is stored. Most jewelers will tell you that fine or expensive jewelry should always be kept at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. 


Many people use drawers to store their jewelry. This common way of storing away your jewelry is very helpful in many ways. Firstly, it helps to protect your jewelry from dust. When you store them in a drawer, your jewelry is tucked away and completely out of sight. 

Being tucked away means that you will eliminate the chances of them getting dusty or anything spilling on them. This type of storage also helps to keep your jewelry away from other elements like sunlight. Some materials used to make jewelry will be affected by sunlight and cause your jewelry pieces to be ruined. 

There are also many draw jewelry organizers on the market that can be bought in store or online to further help the space to be organized. 

Having a drawer for your jewelry will also help with  the overall organization of your home. The less things that you have being stored out in the open, the more clean and decluttered your home will be. Many people enjoy having this type of look, especially persons who considered themselves to be minimalists, if this is you then you should give drawer storage some consideration. 


Some people will opt to store their jewelry in their closets. This way they will also get their prized possessions away from dust or any other impurities. 

Storing your jewelry in a closet will also assist in the security of your valuables as they would not be in plain sight. In the event that you are hosting or if someone unfortunately breaks into your home they would not be able to readily see and be tempted to steal your items. 

Some luxury jewelry companies go above and beyond with the packaging that these pieces are sold in. So this means that it would be easy to simply store your expensive jewelry in the boxes or packaging that they came in and tuck them away in your closet for safe keeping. 

Jewelry Box

For many decades people, especially women have stored their jewelry in jewelry boxes. These boxes come in so many different shapes, sizes and colours, you are bound to find one that suits you. 

Jewelry boxes help you to not only keep your jewelry safe from natural elements like dust and sunlight but it also helps you to keep your pieces organized as most boxes come with an element of organization. 

Jewelry boxes can also be used as a decorative item in the area where you choose to store it. Due to the way that some of them are intricately and uniquely designed, some persons will purchase a particular jewelry box that would match or compliment their space decoratively. 

One key thing to note when purchasing a jewelry box is to ensure that it was made with a soft lining. While the boxes are made so that they can be decorative pieces, sometimes the hard plastic or wood that is used in the manufacturing process can damage or tarnish your jewelry. 

Hidden In Plain Sight

Sometimes an interesting way to store your jewelry is simply to have them out in the open but in a somewhat concealed way. 

People have come up with some unique way to conceal their jewelry without it being stored or tucked away. For example, some persons have used their luxury jewelry items as decorative items which can either be layed out or hung. 

The benefit of this is that while visitors will admire this as a beautiful and decorative piece, they will not know the jewelry’s true purpose nor value. 

Safe Deposit Box 

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Luxury jewelry pieces can attract some very high price tags, think hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions. Think of a crown for an international beauty pageant like Miss World or Miss Universe, for example.  These pieces not only cost a lot of money but they are also one of a kind and cannot be left without high security. 

In a situation like this, many people would opt to use a safe deposit box to store these luxury items. 

Safety deposit boxes are provided by some banks and other high security facilities. They only allow a specific number of persons to have access to a deposit box and can only be opened with the correct key or code and a form of identification. 

Home Safe 

Using a home safe is another way to store your jewelry. This is a personal or household form of security for your belongings. Most if not all hotel rooms also have one available for each of its guests. 

These safes can only be open with a specific key or code, which only the home owner would have access to. They help to provide added security for your luxury jewelry pieces in your home. This is if someone does unfortunately break into your home they would be unable to steal your jewelry because they would not have access to the safe.

Storage Container

Using storage containers help you to hang on to more pieces than if you had a small storage system. A storage container is bigger than the average jewelry box and holds a lot more jewelry in a way where they will not overlap and get tangled. 

Many storage companies have made it a part of their mandate to sell these containers from acrylic to plastics with trays and even shelving. 

This way you will have your luxury items in a safe space but you also do not have to worry about not getting all you need because you are lacking the space to safely store them all. 

Velvet Cushion 

For many people, their luxurious jewelry collection is a prized possession that they would want to have on display in their homes. 

Using velvet cushions will give you a decorative showcase option. Laying out your jewelry on a velvet cushion will help to keep your pieces from tangling. This is also a good way to be on trend in the luxury jewelry owner world. 

Jewelry Trays

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Another way that you can store your jewelry is by using jewelry trays. These trays can be found in store and online and can either be plastic, acrylic or even glass. 

They will keep your jewelry organized with an added benefit of enhancing the aesthetics of the room they are placed in. Jewelry trays also facilitate ease of use. At the end of the day when you are getting unready, it is easy to simply slip off your jewelry and place them in a tray. 

These are another storage item that would guarantee you being on trend with jewelry storage and home decor. 

Final Comments 

Having expensive jewelry is a very beautiful thing, but they only stay beautiful if they are stored and cleaned in the right way. 

Proper thought has to go into choosing the correct type of storage that you will use for your jewelry. You should consider the space that you have, the type of jewelry that you have as well as the aesthetic mood that you are seeking to accomplish. 

One of the major keys to long lasting expensive jewelry, is what you use to store them. 

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