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What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘chain’ with respect to jewelry is the neck chain, but chain refers to much more than that. In fashion many jewelry pieces are referred to as chains. Apart from neck chains, several other jewelry pieces can be referred to as chains some of which include:

  • Body chains
  • Ankle chain (anklets)
  • Waist chain
  • Wrist chain (bracelet)
  • Arm chain etc. 

With this said, this article would be grouped into the following sections:

  • What does wearing a neck chain mean?
  • What does wearing a body chain mean?
  • What does wearing an ankle chain mean?
  • What does wearing a waist chain mean? and
  • What does wearing a wrist chain mean? 

What does wearing a neck chain mean?

Neck chains are worn by both men and women as fashion accessories especially because they love them. Apart from fashion accessories, neck chains can be worn to subtly pass some messages. These messages mostly depend on the type of neck chain (with relation to the material it was made from), the size of the neck chain, the number of chains worn at once (single or multiple) and maybe, the price of the neck chain.

The use of gold chains is prominent among men in hip-hop. It is also worn by men, and sometimes women, who are not in the hip-hop industry. Wearing a gold chain may be a symbol to show one’s wealth, prestige and status in the society. Sometimes, people go as far as wearing these gold chains, just to place emphasis on the fact that they are wealthy or are prestigious. Silver chains may be used for the same reasons too.

Wearing a neck chain may not have a special significance, per se. it may be worn by individuals just because they like it or see it as a fashion piece that complements their dressing.

What does wearing a body chain mean?

The practice of wearing a body chain is a common practice among Indian women. This fine piece of jewelry is often worn in a position that encircles the upper body like across the chest and on the back. They are also worn around the hip.

Apart from highlighting sexiness as a fashion statement, body chains have no special or hidden meanings. You can rightly say a person wearing a body chain to an event is trying to make a ‘stand-out’ statement.

What does wearing an ankle chain mean?

An ankle chain is a chain worn on the ankle. It is also referred to as an anklet or an ankle bracelet. 

In modern contemporary fashion, wearing ankle chains has lots of hidden meanings. Even the legs on which they are worn have different significance. A married woman wearing an ankle chain on her right ankle may be an indication that she is in an open-marriage, and that her husband is okay if she plays with other men. Also, more messages may be passed depending on how the ankle chain is worn – whether it is worn over a piece of clothing or under. A woman in an open relationship wearing an ankle chain over her stockings or tights means she’s willing to have unprotected sex with men that are not her husband. Wearing it under her stockings or leggings indicates that she may have sex with men that are not her husband but it must be protected. This practice is common among people that practice cuckolding (i.e. a practice where a partner is turned on seeing his/her other partner having sex with someone else). Other non-monogamous relationships like that of couples who are stag and a vixen practice it.

Some people believe women who wear ankle chains on their left foot may be homosexuals. Homosexual men wear ankle chains too, although wearing of ankle chains is not restricted to a particular sexuality or gender. Men and women alike, wear anklets.

Married Indian women wear ankle chains of different color, patterns and designs, to show how lucky they are getting married. Unmarried women from some parts of India also wear ankle chains, but the ones they wear are designed with tiny bells which ring to attract people and subtly tell prospective suitors that they are available.

Wearing of ankle chains may not have any of the following underlying meanings. Independent women who are confident may just choose to wear them, but some women shy away from them not because they do not like them but because they fear being stigmatized.

What does wearing a waist chain mean?

Waist chains are not very popular waist accessories. Prominent among women as opposed to the use of waist chains is the waist bead. Waist beads are worn mostly by African women as a sign to indicate their strong femininity, fertility and maturity. Waist chains which are often worn under the cloth may be a sign of sensuality, protection, or beautification.

Other than as a mere fashion piece, women also wear waist chains to check for their weight gain. The chain getting tighter is an indication of women gaining weight.

What does wearing a wrist chain mean?

Wrist chains are a kind of bracelet. Most bracelets solely serve a decorative purpose for the wearer, although there exists some other purposes of the use of these bracelets.

Two popular wrist chain types that when worn may indicate a specific purpose are: the charm bracelet and allergy bracelet. Wearing an allergy bracelet may indicate that the wearer has an allergy or a medical condition as such that would warrant its use. This bracelet usually has a medical emblem attached to it to indicate that the wearer may have been in need of an emergency.

A charm bracelet may carry sentimental value but the particular meaning attached to it can only be drawn from the specific charms attached to them. Charms have different meanings. But it is safe to add that the simple reason one may be wearing a wrist chain is for decorative purposes


People have always had the need to tell others about themselves with their outfit, style and personality. They also do this through the jewelry pieces they wear. While some people do this, it is important to note that some others may wear seemingly extreme jewelry as a show of fashion boldness, thus exuding confidence, and nothing more.

Wearing chains may have no hidden meanings.

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